Technical insulation for HVAC systems

Protecting high-performing, energy-efficient HVAC systems

Application - Technical insulation for HVAC systems Application - Technical insulation for HVAC systems

Technical insulation for optimal system performance

Today’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems account for 40 percent of the total energy consumption in commercial buildings. Technical insulation is key to achieving energy savings and meeting an ever-growing demand for high-performing buildings. At Armacell, we understand the challenges of the fast-growing HVAC industry. By combining high-quality insulation technology with extensive system expertise, we help create energy-efficient installations and long-lasting system performance.

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Application - Technical insulation for HVAC systems

Insulating high-performing HVAC systems

Thermal performance of the insulation is key to minimising energy loss and building durable, long-lasting HVAC systems. While low thermal conductivity of the insulation material is crucial, properties such as water vapour diffusion resistance (see link to refrigeration application) and ease of installation are also critical to ensure an energy efficient system for the long term. As a closed-cell insulation material, elastomeric foam outperforms open-cell, fibrous, or rigid foam materials in several respects. Balancing thermal conductivity, water vapour diffusion resistance, fire behaviour and flexibility, our ArmaFlex® solutions deliver high thermal performance and condensation control resulting in long-term energy efficiency and a more reliable operation compared to conventional insulation materials.

Application - Technical insulation for HVAC systems

Control condensation and minimise moisture ingress

Condensation control is critical to HVAC systems, as the operation temperature of chilled water and refrigeration pipes are usually lower than the ambient temperature and outdoor and exhaust air ducts may be as well. Condensation can also occur when warm air is transported through cooler rooms in summer. The accumulation of moisture can result in significant equipment damage and performance loss. In fact, insulation effectiveness can already decrease by 70 percent at a 4 percent moisture infiltration by volume of the insulation. Designed using the optimal insulation thickness, our closed-cell materials maintain their performance even under varying temperature conditions, high relative humidity and space constraints, helping professionals and building operators to achieve optimal performance and ensuring HVAC systems function properly in the long term.

Application - Technical insulation for HVAC systems

Optimise acoustic performance

Achieving optimised acoustic control requires careful assessment of noise sources, selection of appropriate insulation materials, proper installation techniques, and compliance with relevant standards. In HVAC systems, large ducts are often the primary source of noise as they carry noise from fans, mechanical systems, airflows and neighboring rooms throughout the building. Duct lagging or lining is often overlooked as an effective solution to structure- and airborne noises. At Armacell, we offer acoustic barrier, vibration damping, de-coupling (isolation) and multi-layer sound solutions that are tested and compliant with recognised noise control standards, providing effective noise reduction and ensuring comfortable and quiet environments.

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Safeguard indoor air quality (IAQ)

Ensuring healthy environments starts and ends with maintaining good indoor air quality. For HVAC systems, that means selecting materials that prevent the formation of mould or the release of harmful particles or volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air during HVAC system operation. To help professionals comply with green building certifications, we prioritise low-emission thermal insulation materials and continually test our products to ensure they meet the latest recommendations.

Your holistic partner and advisor

Your holistic partner and advisor

We understand that every HVAC system is unique. As an experienced partner in technical insulation, we are committed to finding the right insulation solution for your project – from insulation materials to adhesives and accessories as well as claddings and pre-covered products. By sharing our system expertise and technical know-how, we provide you with a complete overview of solutions for your HVAC system to achieve your desired thermal and acoustic performance and energy-saving target.

Rely on high quality and durability

Rely on high quality and durability

The insulation you choose must be durable to withstand wear and tear and achieve maximised lifetime performance. As a global leader in insulation materials, we deliver the highest quality and longevity, conducting more than 30,000 quality tests each year and constantly optimising our materials to offer best-in-class solutions for your projects.

Benefit from ArmaWin

Benefit from ArmaWin

ArmaWin is a 24/7 practical tool for your everyday work when installing Armacell’s premium insulation products to ensure they deliver the best possible performance. Besides calculating the minimum insulation thickness required for a particular application, it also determines surface temperature, heat flow, temperature changes in flowing and stationary media, freezing times for water pipes and the most economical insulation thicknesses – in other words those with the shortest payback periods.

Get installation support

Get installation support

We believe that insulation material is only as valuable as the quality of its installation. That’s why we are continuously building a growing network of certified installers, ready to apply our high-quality materials effectively and professionally. Our dedicated Armacell trainers offer structured on-site and off-site training courses and certifications., complemented by self-service tools, including application manuals and videos to support installers and contractors during specification, installation and maintenance.

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Benefit from our BIM plug-in

Our BIM plug-in simplifies planning by allowing the digital planning of technical insulation materials for building service equipment. Planners can automatically add insulation in the Revit model and generate a bill of materials (BOM) that can be transferred as an Excel file to bidding and tendering programmes.

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Discover our installation training

Our commitment to providing high-performing insulation technology goes beyond high-quality materials. It involves sharing our expertise on the right installation of our insulation systems. In our training programmes, we equip you with the necessary expertise to install our solutions reliably, safely and quickly.

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