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Insulation solutions that reduce energy consumption in data centres

Powering more energy-efficient data centres

Data centres are the beating heart of the digital age. They power and protect mission-critical infrastructure. Maintaining defined ambient conditions is crucial to safeguarding their uptime and system reliability. Data centres account for 1 percent of global energy use and 2 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. With Armacell’s technical insulation solutions, you can take your data centre performance BEYOND BETTER, improving power usage effectiveness and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Discover how to improve system performance

Watch the video to discover how our technical insulation solutions go BEYOND BETTER by improving power usage effectiveness and reducing the carbon footprint of data centres. We offer a wide range of dust- and fibre-free products that ensure you don’t experience electrical or mechanical breakdowns. Our high-quality closed-cell products do not require an external water vapour barrier.

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Reduce carbon emissions with highly effective insulation

As much as up to 40 percent of a data centre’s total operational costs are down to the energy needed to cool the massive amount of electronic equipment. Computer servers generate vast volumes of heat, so keeping the system cool is essential. Without reliable cooling systems, data centres would not be able to stay in operation. With our insulation solutions, you can operate your data centre more efficiently, protecting your assets and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Prevent airborne contamination and control condensation

One of the biggest risks to the performance of data centres are invisible pollutants that are often spread by the ductwork of HVAC systems in the facility. Harmful contaminants such as fibre particles, gases and microbes can harm sensitive server, network and data storage equipment. Dust- and fibre-free, ArmaFlex® products provide protection against contamination and micro-organisms. Information technology equipment is also extremely sensitive to moisture. High humidity levels decrease the life expectancy of the equipment and moisture can lead to damage, corrosion and eventually equipment failure. Our closed-cell insulation ensures that equipment is reliably protected against condensation throughout its service life. We offer system solutions whose individual components are coordinated with each other, and which are tested as a complete system.

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Make fire safety your top priority

Fires are a major cause of extended data centre failures. The high density of electrical power increases the potential fire hazard. If not detected and extinguished immediately, data can be irretrievably destroyed, and repairing and restoring the facility will incur high costs. IT downtime and business interruption can cost companies dearly. In a fire, our halogen-free insulation materials release no corrosive gases, which could form aggressive acids in combination with fire-fighting water. Our low-smoke products develop 10 times less smoke than conventional elastomeric products in a fire. What’s more, we offer passive fire protection solutions with intumescent and ablative components which prevent fire spreading in the building.