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Dedicated system solutions for solar thermal plants

Energy efficiency starts with energy-saving insulation

Solar systems have become an established part of sustainable energy production around the world. To make these plants work efficiently and deliver maximum yield, insulation is crucial. Solar thermal systems face unique challenges, as these pipelines operate at high temperatures, run outdoors and are exposed to UV radiation and varying weather conditions year-round. This demands durable insulation that withstands high temperatures and can be installed flexibly in challenging locations. With the right materials, operators ensure longevity of their equipment and can significantly boost the performance of solar thermal systems. Our customised insulation materials and pre-insulated solutions are UV- and weather-resistant, and capable of enduring temperatures up to 150°C (300°F) or even 220°C (420°F). Using our pre-insulated solutions, professionals can benefit from streamlined installation processes, achieving both energy savings and cost reductions.

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Destination - Solar Energy

Streamline your solar thermal project with pre-insulated pipes

Opting for system solutions with pre-insulated feed and return pipes helps reduce assembly costs and save valuable time during installation. Specialised pre-insulated solutions simplify the connection between solar panels and thermal storage water heaters and improve resistance against mechanical and environmental impact. This ensures long-term durability and minimises maintenance requirements. Our patented join-split adhesive technology and a wide range of system accessories including quick-fitting couplings enable installers to build ensure tight connections, while integrated temperature sensor cables offer precise monitoring capabilities. The polyolefin-copolymer textured coating on these pipes provides excellent resistance to mechanical impact and UV radiation, ensuring they stand the test of time even when exposed to harsh sunlight. Their outstanding resistance to water vapour diffusion combined with low thermal conductivity makes them an ideal choice for solar applications.

Destination - Solar Energy

Customised system solutions for unique challenges

The unique design of solar energy systems often demands a more specialised approach. At Armacell, we understand that each project may have its own set of requirements and challenges. That's why we offer customised solutions that can be applied not only to solar but also to related industries. Our team works closely with engineers and planners to design insulation solutions that address specific project needs, ensuring optimal system performance and efficiency. Whether you're working on a solar energy project or exploring opportunities in related industries, we are committed to providing the tailored solutions you need to succeed.