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All closed-cell insulation materials based on elastomeric foam

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ArmaFlex – the single pioneering product that set the Armacell wheels in motion

The invention of the world’s first flexible elastomeric foam for equipment insulation by Armstrong, Armacell’s predecessor company, was a revolutionary step forward in the insulation industry. This new material had excellent technical properties and could be installed easily and cleanly – a unique alternative to the lengthy process of installing heavy, rigid insulation shells and the time-consuming use of bitumen and gypsum compound.

For nearly 70 years, the world's first flexible insulation material has held its position as a market leader. We continue to invest in improving its properties and have expanded our product range to cover a wider range of applications.

Long history of professional Insulation
From patent to high performing technical foam solution

From patent to high performing technical foam solution

The first patent protecting the innovative ArmaFlex® technology was published in the United States in 1958 and was followed by many more in subsequent decades. ArmaFlex is also a registered trademark in more than 50 countries worldwide with the earliest dating back to 1957, and our portfolio of patent families covering various aspects of our product offerings is equally extensive. That is why we pursue a policy of effective patent and trademark management, which includes taking action against any infringements. In 1978, we started to expand ArmaFlex from a single product line to a complete range of solutions for a multitude of requirements. As the inventor in 2012 of the first technical foam insulation material with ultra-low smoke properties, you can also find a few valuable legacy fire protection solutions sold under this range.

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ArmaFlex today

Today, ArmaFlex® is a leading brand that comprises our extensive portfolio of closed-cell insulation materials based on elastomeric foam. Manufactured across the Armacell world, ArmaFlex is customized to local requirements and often combined with other products into hybrid solutions. Only where an insulation product features the ArmaFlex registered trademark from Armacell can you be sure of enjoying the unique ArmaFlex properties. Our specialized industrial range has a proven track record of 25+ years, across industrial, oil and gas, and energy applications worldwide.

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Your benefits at a glance

We invest heavily in enhancing the properties of our flexible insulation material and expanding our range of products to cover a wider range of applications. This dedication to innovation has allowed us to maintain our position as a market leader.

A unique heritage and product portfolio
Our commitment to our ArmaFlex® heritage ensures you can trust our entire product portfolio.

Customized solutions, available across the globe
Manufactured across the Armacell world and customized to local requirements, we ensure you always get the right solution for your needs.

Conserving energy
Saving 140 times more energy than is used in its production and guaranteeing enhanced energy efficiency during its lifetime.


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