Invest in our people Plant

Investing in our people

Armacell is committed to a culture where all employees are valued, and fair practices are embedded. We strive to promote inclusion and equity in order to attract and retain a diverse workforce. We recognise our employees’ individual skills and needs and we are committed to nurturing their talents and providing valuable guidance to further develop their careers. By offering regular feedback sessions and strategic training opportunities, Armacell has enabled innovative successes through diverse teams and became an attractive partner for its local communities across the globe.


Safe workplace

The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance to our entire organisation and contributes to our success as a company. To provide a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, we comply with the relevant national and international occupational health and safety regimes. We see such legislation and mechanisms to ensure compliance as an important part of our overall policy and management arrangements. High standards of occupational health and safety (OHS) help prevent accidents and have a positive impact on the motivation and satisfaction of our employees, the quality of their work and our products, and the reputation of the company. In pursuit of our vision of zero accidents, Armacell takes a number of additional measures to identify potential hazards, carry out specific risk assessments and raise its employees' awareness of potential risks. All new employees at the company receive specific safety information as part of their induction process. Our employees working in production environments receive workplace-specific safety training. All external staff receive relevant safety information in advance and Armacell's regular contractors are provided with specific safety guidelines.


Equal Opportunities

Armacell fully appreciates the advantages of a diverse workforce. They include a broader selection of qualified job applicants, a higher level of identification with the company, and differing perspectives toward customers and the markets we target. We are dedicated to developing the capabilities and competencies of our people through a wide variety of training programs on the topics of leadership, demand generation, technology, compliance, and safety. In recent years, we have put great emphasis on learning, collaboration, and enhanced working conditions. This shows our commitment to fostering a culture of openness, one that recognizes people and invests in their growth and satisfaction. We also place a high priority on staffing management and employee positions locally. To grow our human capital, we support our employees’ individual professional development, develop their skills and successfully promote young talent internally.

Supporting local communities

Supporting local communities

As a global company with a strong local focus, we take our responsibility as a corporate citizen very seriously. Every year, we contribute to improving the quality of life in local communities through dedicated events and voluntary activities that are carried out with great enthusiasm by our employees. In previous years, our teams supported charity organisations that care for children or the elderly, associations advancing cancer research and small, non-profit organisations promoting the protection and preservation of biodiversity and natural ecosystems.