Invest in our people Company


Dedicated, highly qualified, integrity-driven employees are our most valuable asset.

We motivate people, develop their talents and further their skills through training opportunities. As a global company, we strive to create and maintain a positive, healthy and safe working environment. Our employees are encouraged to cultivate a performance-oriented climate of mutual respect, trust, and reliability.

Unity in diversity

Armacell is a truly global company with an internationally diverse workforce comprising more than 70 different nationalities worldwide. The strongest companies are built from the inside out. At Armacell too, our strength begins with our people. Dedicated, entrepreneurially minded, integrity-driven employees are Armacell’s greatest asset. We all share a common set of core values: customer experience, commitment, empowerment, integrity, and sustainability.

Our Code of Conduct based on these five core values is the benchmark against which all our business activities are evaluated. Building on our corporate values, our Code of Conduct describes how these values are put into practice, defines rules for everyday work and provides ethical principles to which we align our behaviour and business activities to the benefit of our stakeholders and customers.


Health & safety

The health and safety of our employees come first at Armacell. We promote a zero-accident mindset and we do all we can to ensure our people go home to their family and friends as fit and well as they arrive at work. To this end, we strive for adherence to all applicable occupational health and safety standards in the countries where we do business.

People development

As a company we focus on the well-being of all our employees and offer a wide range of educational and vocational training opportunities. This is part of our corporate responsibility towards our people. And we do our best to create a positive working atmosphere at all our sites around the world.

Continuous dialogue

Every two years, we conduct a global employee survey across Armacell worldwide. It provides us with constructive and valuable feedback, which helps Armacell become an even better place to work at. Improving the working environment and people engagement are the main goals of this initiative. Following our last employee survey, more than 400 people-engagement activities have been implemented.


Recognising our employee's efforts, achievements and work is part and parcel of our corporate spirit. To this end, we established a series of corporate awards designed to recognise outstanding performances that drive the organisation forward. These Armacell awards focus on motivation, goals and commitment to perform. More importantly, they say ‘Thank You’ to our teams.

Across all business activities, Armacell is committed to act responsibly. Our Code of Conduct and Compliance policies are foundational to how we do business and how we put our values into practice every day. A key priority in our compliance efforts is the prevention of bribery and corruption – we operate a zero tolerance policy – reflecting our commitment to integrity. Our Sanctions Policy safeguards fundamental values such as human rights, the struggle against terrorism and international trade compliance regulations. At Armacell, we do not allow dirty money to play any part in our business. Our global Anti-Money Laundering Policy, raises employee awareness of the need to ascertain the identity of business people they are dealing with and to be on their guard for any potential money-laundering activity. We believe in fair competition and expect our employees in combating illegal practices. In our everyday business activities, we collect and handle personal data, which we treat in a professional, lawful and ethical way according to our Global Data Protection Policy.

Every Armacell employee is required to complete mandatory annual Compliance trainings. We offer a range of additional resources for employees to address questions and concerns, including a secured and anonymized communication platform – our Whistleblower portal.

Armacell Policies