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High-quality facilities rely on proven insulation solutions

Balancing energy efficiency and customer safety and comfort

Enhancing guest experience while improving efficiency is the key challenge in the hospitality industry. Hotels face substantial energy costs each year whilst striving to meet guests’ expectations as well as a growing body of building standards, including LEED®, BREEAM® and DGNB. As a result, specifiers demand customised HVAC and plumbing solutions that accommodate the unique needs of each space, from individual guest rooms to sensitive technical equipment, ensuring reliable operation with highly flexible and durable insulation is crucial. A linchpin in this pursuit, closed-cell foam materials play a major role in balancing energy performance, indoor air quality, fire safety, effective noise control and ease of installation.

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Destination - Hospitality & Leisure

Meet today’s standards on sustainable building performance

Typically, about half of the energy in the hospitality sector is used for space conditioning and heating purposes with air conditioning and recreational areas becoming a standard in any modern hotel. At the same time, LEED® certifications rise as key imperatives of today’s environmentally conscious hospitality industry. Tapping the significant potential for energy savings in new and existing hospitality facilities brings benefits in terms of lower energy costs and decreased CO2 emissions. To meet strict criteria on resource efficiency, operators need to optimise HVAC, plumbing and refrigeration performance. State-of-the-art insulation of the mechanical equipment with closed-cell materials is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to save energy in hospitality facilities. Not only does it drive energy saving and control condensation, but it also simplifies installation and guarantees unhindered access for operational maintenance. Equipment insulation that meets the complex requirements of the industry is crucial to achieving today's and tomorrow’s standards on energy efficiency while ensuring highest guest experience.

Destination - Hospitality & Leisure

Control condensation and maintain optimal indoor air quality (IAQ)

Given the varied usage of ducted HVAC, non-ducted HVAC, refrigerant and plumbing equipment within hotel structures, undetected moisture intrusion can spiral into humidity, mould, mildew, and IAQ issues which can result in significant repair and follow-up costs. Our specialised and fibre-free solutions offer efficient insulation by controlling condensation of chilled water piping, chillers, cooling tanks, and air handlers. Protecting cold water and refrigeration lines and cooling systems, closed-cell materials provide a high resistance to water vapour transmission and not only amplify energy efficiency but also thwart condensation on sub-ambient surfaces – an imperative for upholding the performance of the mechanical equipment and the air quality within hotel environments. Insulating the building's water pipes correctly prevents unacceptable temperature fluctuations as the water flows through the complex network of pipes. What’s more, we are the only manufacturer of flexible technical insulation materials to offer insulation products with built-in Microban® protection: These antimicrobial additives provide ‘proactive’ protection against harmful bacteria, mould and mildew.

Destination - Hospitality & Leisure

Create a quiet and peaceful environment

To ensure a truly satisfying stay, it's imperative that the hotel environment, spanning from the main lobby to guest rooms on the upper floors, excels in both acoustic and thermal comforts. While insulation commonly addresses temperature preservation and moisture control, its role in enhancing acoustics should not be underestimated. Given the complex air-conditioning and plumbing infrastructures, selecting the right sound absorption or damping solutions is critical to maintaining comfort. Taking a holistic approach to acoustic performance enables specifiers to improve sound control throughout the entire building, from mechanical equipment, ductwork and pipes as well as structural elements. As noise is the number one complaint in guest satisfaction surveys, effective sound control is therefore a must and determines the successful operation of a hospitality facility.

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Enhance fire safety for employees and guests

Fires can never be completely ruled out and they occur unexpectedly. Given the sheer number of people who either visit or work in hospitality facilities, fire safety must be a top priority. In the event of a fire, smoke poses a much greater threat than the fire itself and low smoke density can mean the difference between life and death. Setting a new safety benchmark, ArmaFlex® Ultima, powered by the patented ArmaPreneTM technology, outperforms standard elastomers, exhibiting ten times less smoke alongside excellent flame resistance. To prevent fire spreading from one room to another, incorporating passive fire protection (PFP) into the planning of is pivotal for safeguarding and minimising smoke density for a safe evacuation. Our ArmaFlex Protect and ArmaProtect® systems feature firestop components that seal pipe penetrations in fire-resistant walls and floors, effectively containing fire and diminishing smoke propagation within the building. By integrating these advanced insulation and firestop solutions, engineers and planners can ensure a safer, more secure environment for employees and guests.