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Take your sports facility to the next level with high-performing insulation and component foams

Building a durable environment for athletic excellence

At the heart of every sports facility, whether it's a bustling arena or a versatile multiplex, lies a critical element that often goes unnoticed: insulation. Applied on HVAC, refrigeration, plumbing and process piping systems, it ensures that below-ambient lines remain at their optimal temperature, guaranteeing an ideal environment for fans and players alike. Selecting reliable and energy-efficient materials is crucial for maintaining fan comfort and enabling building operators to significantly cut down on energy and maintenance expenses. At Armacell, we understand the intricate balance between fan comfort, player safety, and efficient systems. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of insulation and component foams for athletic mats, protective cushioning, helmets, and body pads, ensuring that owners can always rely on a winning combination of comfort, safety, and cost-efficiency.

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Destination - Sport Facility

Prioritise player safety and superior field performance

While fan comfort is a key consideration, the safety of the players takes precedence in any sports facility. In venues where team sports are played, creating and maintaining optimal field conditions is essential – and the well-being of athletes and the quality of their performance depend on it. At Armacell, we recognise the role that field conditions play in upholding safety and the consistency of the game. That’s why our ArmaComp® ArmaSport turf underlayment shock pads are designed to advance field performance, ensuring that every game is played under consistent and safe conditions. As a shock pad, ArmaSport cushions the playing surface, providing consistent shock attenuation across the entire field surface. Used with or without infill material, it helps provide continuous protection, assuring facility directors the same shock pad protection without loss or migration of the cushioning material. This reliability is a game-changer for sports facilities, guaranteeing a safer playing environment for the entire team, day in and day out.

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Maintain consistent temperatures in chilled environments

Ice rinks and indoor snow resorts, energy-intensive structures globally, demand precise insulation to ensure efficiency for both athletes and the buildings’ overall energy performance. The refrigeration system, often devouring 43 percent of total energy consumption, is a focal point for reduction. Installing insulation beneath the rinks plays a pivotal role. By curtailing heat infiltration and maintaining steady temperatures, insulation significantly curbs the refrigeration system's energy demand. Armacell's advanced insulation solutions are specifically designed to combat condensation, mould, and energy loss. Trusted for ice rink applications, we ensure a controlled, optimised environment, prioritising energy savings, ice quality, and athlete performance.

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Maintain a comfortable and safe thermal environment

Like in any public building, insulating HVAC equipment and pipes is a key measure to meet stringent specifications on energy efficiency. As such, refrigeration and duct insulation is vital to amplify thermal comfort and curb energy consumption. Meanwhile, fire protection plays a vital role in maintaining player and fan safety and complying with a building’s strict fire safety standards. Our low-smoke insulation and passive fire protection (PFP) materials are specifically designed to minimise the release of harmful smoke and diminish the spread of fire, ensuring the safety of everyone within the sports facility and adhering to national fire safety codes.