ArmaPET is a foam core insulation Group of green ArmaPET products showing structural performance and lightweight

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The potentials of PET-based foam cores for enhanced structural integrity

Group of green ArmaPET products showing structural performance and lightweight

Transforming PET into high-quality system solutions

Since 2005, we have been leading the way in the development of polyethene terephthalate (PET-based) foam cores for the composite industry. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability has driven significant investments in research and development, resulting in our process technology for PET foam production. In 2010, we achieved a milestone, introducing the world's first structural foam core crafted from 100 percent recycled PET (rPET) plastic. Today, our entire PET foam product portfolio is based on this pioneering process, allowing us to transform post-consumer PET beverage bottles into high-quality resources that are fed back into the production cycle.

Did you know that our ArmaPET solutions are made of recycled PET bottles, reducing waste and demonstrating a significantly lower carbon footprint than competitive materials?

ArmaPET Technology

PET foam technology offers unique properties that provide sustainable and high-performing solutions across a wide range of industries. This includes versatile and durable solutions for structural sandwich applications, recyclable thermoformable micro sandwich solutions for continuous manufacturing processes, and particle foam solutions for maximum design flexibility. Additional innovative fusion technology allows specifiers to produce lightweight rigid 3D foam parts for perfectly tailored applications. As a low-density solution, it also provides excellent long-term insulation properties for thermal applications.

A sustainable, versatile and highly durable substitute

PET-based insulation outperforms conventional materials in key parameters such as thermal performance and structural integrity, offering more sustainable and durable body structures.

Superior thermal insulation

Superior thermal insulation

ArmaPET offers outstanding thermal insulation properties, ensuring optimal temperature control in a wide range of applications, from transport to building construction.

Unmatched structural strength

Unmatched structural strength

ArmaPET's structural foam cores provide exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for demanding applications such as high-speed train body structures and wind turbine blades.

Sustainability at its core

Sustainability at its core

ArmaPET's use of recycled PET bottles not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances the material's environmental credentials, aligning with the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions.

Versatility through thermoforming

Versatility through thermoforming

ArmaPET's thermoplastic nature opens doors to thermforming and thermomoulding processes, expanding its utility across a wider range of applications. Whether you are involved in wind energy, construction, or composite manufacturing, ArmaPET's versatility becomes a valuable asset in structural applications.

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