ArmaPET Struct GRX

ArmaPET Struct GRX range features a more homogenous and finer cell structure in combination with improved shear properties. This new generation of structural foam core provides significant --savings in resin uptake to further optimise weight and cost savings.

ArmaPET Struct GRX

Taking ArmaPET Struct to the next level, making 100% recycled PET foam core more efficient. Testing has proven that ArmaPET Struct GRX has comparable or even better mechanical performance compared to the current grade. Especially in shear properties, adjusted foam recipe provides an increase of up to 30 percent. Optimised resin uptake improves the sandwich panel’s weight and level of cost. Excellent thermal and dimensional stability facilitates repeatability in production. Outstanding fatigue resistance bolsters longterm performance and low lifetime maintenance. 100 percent recycled material supports industry environmental and sustainability directives.


  • Light weighting
  • OEM
  • Structural
  • Transportation
  • Energy