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Aerogel-based insulation for better system performance

Our innovative range offers superior thermal insulation in ultra-thin thicknesses, mitigating corrosion under insulation (CUI), protecting mechanical equipment against heat loss, and supporting long-term, cost-efficient performance.

Our vision has always been to provide innovative technical insulation solutions to conserve energy and make a difference around the world. With aerogel, that vision is a reality.

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Aerogel technology for BEYOND BETTER space performance

Aerogel technology for BEYOND BETTER space performance

Aerogel technology is a highly advanced material that offers exceptional performance. NASA has successfully used aerogels for insulation in their space shuttle and space exploration missions. This is due to the material's remarkable lightweight, extremely low density, and unmatched insulating properties. Aerogel comprises more than 95 percent air, giving it the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid and making it one of the lightest and thinnest insulation materials available.

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A joint venture leading the way in aerogel-based technology

In November 2016, we established a joint venture to manufacture aerogel blankets. Manufactured at our plant in Cheonan, South Korea, ArmaGel® is an innovative aerogel blanket technology used extensively in the oil and gas industry. An efficient process combines aerogel powder manufacturing with a proprietary blanket technology to create the world's most flexible, high-quality aerogel blanket. Our patented process produces a thicker blanket, extending the ArmaGel range. Since 2016, we have launched a list of revolutionary products under our aerogel-based ArmaGel range: ArmaGel HT (2018), ArmaGel DT (2020), ArmaGel Rail (2021), ArmaGel HTL (2022) and ArmaGel HTF (2022).

Explore a wide range of aerogel applications

ArmaGel application

Your benefits at a glance

All our solutions offer superior thermal insulation in ultra-thin thicknesses, mitigate corrosion under insulation (CUI), protect mechanical equipment against heat loss and support long-term, cost-efficient performance.

Simple and fast to install

Our solutions are simple and easy to install, reducing downtime. require less maintenance and improve asset integrity.

Suitable for elevated temperatures

ArmaGel® is hydrophobic and suitable for elevated temperature applications on all types and configurations of steel equipment. Operating temperatures reach from –196°C (-321°F) to +650°C (1,200ºF), and when combined with ArmaSound® Industrial Systems, our solutions provide BEYOND BETTER acoustic insulation.

A committed system solutions partner 

Our commitment to offer new strategic initiatives such as passive fire protection and acoustic ranges under the ArmaGel brand is how we continue to lead the way in a rapidly changing world.