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Providing crucial, lifesaving firestop solutions

In the event of a fire, people often have only three minutes to escape before a flashover takes place. Flashover is a thermally driven occurrence that ignites every combustible surface exposed to radiation in an enclosed space rapidly, putting lives in danger. With our passive fire protection solutions, you can take your fire safety measures to the next level, enhancing safety and protecting property while saving lives in the event of a fire.

Enhancing safety levels to protect property and save lives

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What is Passive Firestop?

The term ‘passive firestop’ describes measures implemented to seal off the spread of fire and smoke. Passive firestop products play a key role in improving fire safety in residential and commercial buildings, and transportation such as marine vessels, but as they are not visible, they are often overlooked as a fire protection measure. For example, pipes and electrical cables penetrate fire compartments and thus form a path along which flames and smoke can spread. With firestop products like ArmaProtect® or ArmaFlex® Protect, cables, pipes and mixed- and multiple-services, can be sealed off to avoid the spread of fire and smoke.

Group of ArmaProtect passive fire protection products

Matching a growing demand for fire protection solutions

In 2008, we recognised that passive fire protection is the unseen protector and expanded our famous ArmaFlex® range to include ArmaFlex Protect – an easy-to-install, all-in-one product that provides high fire resistance, condensation control and thermal insulation. But over the years, customers have come to expect a full range of fire protection solutions from a single supplier. So as our world changes, we have made new ideas a reality. In 2021, we launched our ArmaProtect® firestop range – a one-stop-shop solution of best-in-class firestop products.

A comprehensive range of fire stopping solutions

Your benefits at a glance

We react to our customers’ demands, providing a full range of fire protection solutions from a single supplier.

A comprehensive range of fire stopping solutions

You can now seal off almost all types of pipes and services with our intumescent firestop wraps and collars, ablative coated firestop boards, cementitious firestop mortar and firestop sealants.

Complying with all major fire ratings

Our solutions are certified by European Technical Assessments (ETAs) with fire ratings up to EI 240 and UL listings with fire ratings up to 3 hours.

An innovative partner by your side 

We are committed to proving that the right firestop solutions can fundamentally change lives for people around the world. That’s why our innovators keep finding new ways to make our products BEYOND BETTER, from the simple, to the necessary, to the life-saving.