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Our World-class Armacell Mindset (WAM) is focused on improving performance, cost competitiveness and quality standards.

Going BEYOND BETTER every day

At Armacell, we strive to become better every day. To ensure continuous, structured improvement that can be assessed objectively, our company-specific World-class Armacell Mindset (WAM) programme is of crucial importance for all our business processes worldwide ¬– and has been since its launch in 2013.

WAM aims to improve Armacell’s performance, cost competitiveness and quality standards through continuous analysis and enhancing the way we work and operate. WAM addresses the three components of the functioning enterprise – People, Processes and Tools – to create added value. Employees are continuously being trained on- and off-site in the three main areas: WAM Manufacturing, WAM Sales & Marketing and WAM Internal Process Excellence.



Manufacturing Excellence


Continuous improvement

WAM Manufacturing is based on the systematic identification of losses in our performance and the introduction of suitable tools to reduce them by improving our people’s behaviour patterns, increasing their skills and elevating their know-how to achieve the expected result. Our prime objective with WAM Manufacturing is work safety and achieving zero accidents at all Armacell sites. A regular and standardised audit programme maintains consistency in standards and sustains the implementation of improved processes. 

Aligning our offer with customer needs


Sales & Marketing Excellence

Optimised customer experience. Our WAM Sales & Marketing excellence programme is designed to optimise our customer experience and develop our position in the market. To support Armacell’s business model and maximise our success in sales and marketing, we defined processes, activities and tools that enable us to better understand the markets we target, the customers and stakeholders we meet, and to align our offers with the customers’ needs. To sustain a world-class experience for our customers we analyse marketing activities, customer management, pricing, and demand generation via our valuable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.



Internal Process Excellence

A win-win formula. A new WAM programme launched in 2022 is structured around end-to-end processes to optimise functional boundaries and the entire value chain. WAM Internal Process Excellence is designed to serve both the company and its employees, ensuring that our internal processes become more value-oriented, more efficient, and more controlled. At the same time, we are increasing employee satisfaction by promoting user-friendly processes, boosting our workforce’s efficiency, and opening up a global network of peers from different domains of activity who work as a strong team to create a holistic approach.