Technical insulation of refrigeration equipment

Protecting complex cooling systems

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Technical insulation for reliable and efficient refrigeration systems

No matter the size, efficient and reliable long-term cooling systems are highly dependent on technical insulation to effectively control condensation and minimise thermal losses from mechanical equipment operating at temperatures below ambient temperature. Preventing condensation on the surface of the insulation by keeping the temperature above the dew point of the ambient air is key to protecting mechanical equipment from energy losses, mitigating the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI), mould and cost-intensive consequential damage. Unfortunately, insulation failures are typically not discovered until the damage is done to the entire refrigeration system and leaks have developed. When planning insulation for refrigeration systems, it is crucial to take variations in environmental conditions into account. By zooming in on your individual setup, we support you in finding the best-in-class solution for your specific requirements, delivering high thermal performance and water vapour diffusion resistance to combat condensation, corrosion and mould in order to maintain long-lasting systems and hygienic environments. 

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Optimal condensation control

Cooling equipment operates at low temperatures, leading to significant differences between pipe and ambient temperatures. To prevent condensation from forming on the equipment surfaces, insulation materials need a high water vapour resistance. ArmaFlex® has a closed-cell structure and high resistance to water vapour diffusion. The vapour barrier is not concentrated on a thin foil but built up throughout the insulation thickness – cell by cell. Our closed-cell solutions enable professionals to effectively prevent water vapour diffusion through the insulation layer, achieving more durable, hygienic, and efficient cooling systems.

Corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is an insidious problem that is often only noticed when extensive damage has already occurred. CUI accounts for 10 percent of total maintenance budgets in the petrochemical industry and is the reason for more unplanned downtime compared to all other causes. The selection of the correct insulation material lowers the risk of CUI and protects the system’s thermal performance. Compared to conventional materials, closed-cell technology possesses the highest protective qualities, effectively minimising moisture ingress and related corrosion. By combining these material properties with smart installation techniques, professionals can ensure safe and reliable cooling systems for the long term.

Technical insulation of refrigeration equipment

Achieve energy efficiency

When moisture penetrates the insulation material, the insulation suffers adverse effects to its performance properties resulting in energy losses. That’s why all cooling systems require long-term reliable condensation control. Minimising thermal losses is crucial for achieving energy-efficient processes. As a closed-cell insulation material, elastomeric foam outperforms open-cell, fibrous, or granular materials, and delivers a superior thermal performance. By choosing closed-cell materials, professionals can significantly reduce energy consumption and enhance process efficiency – no matter the desired cooling temperature.

Group of black ArmaFlex tube and sheet showing close cell structure

Prevent pipe freezing

In cold climates or during winter months, low temperatures can cause water pipes to freeze, leading to pipe bursts, water damage, and system downtime. Elastomeric foam is particularly fit to protect pipe freezing in these frigid climates. By selecting the right insulation thickness and high-quality insulation materials, professionals can prevent freezing, ensure uninterrupted water flow, and mitigate costly repairs.

Group of ArmaProtect passive fire protection products

Rely on Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Safety is paramount in industrial settings. Specialised materials, such as elastomers are characterised by high elasticity in a broad temperature range, able to withstand fully developed fires throughout a significant timespan – such as ArmaFlex® Protect for penetration seals.

Your holistic partner and advisor

Your holistic partner and advisor

We understand that every refrigeration system is unique. As an experienced partner in technical insulation, we are committed to finding the right insulation solution for your project – from insulation materials to adhesives and accessories as well as claddings and pre-covered products. By sharing our system expertise and technical know-how, we provide you with a complete overview of solutions for your insulation system to achieve your desired thermal performance and energy-saving target.

Rely on high quality and durability

Rely on high quality and durability

The insulation you choose must be durable to withstand wear and tear and achieve maximised lifetime performance. As a global leader in insulation materials, we deliver the highest quality and longevity, conducting more than 30,000 quality tests each year and constantly optimising our materials to offer best-in-class solutions for your projects.

Benefit from ArmaWin

Benefit from ArmaWin

ArmaWin is a 24/7 practical tool for your everyday work when installing Armacell’s premium insulation products to ensure they deliver the best possible performance. Besides calculating the minimum insulation thickness required for a particular application, it also determines surface temperature, heat flow, temperature changes in flowing and stationary media, freezing times for water pipes and the most economical insulation thicknesses – in other words those with the shortest payback periods.

Get installation support

Get installation support

We believe that insulation material is only as valuable as the quality of its installation. That’s why we are continuously building a growing network of certified installers, ready to use our high-quality materials effectively and professionally. Our dedicated Armacell trainers offer structured on-site and off-site training courses and certifications, complemented by self-service tools, including application manuals and videos to support installers and contractors during specification and installation. Our small tips and tricks can make all the difference for a well performing cooling system – sealing off segments to minimize the risks of corrosion under insulation (CUI); tight seams with the right quality adhesive for long lasting systems; proper insulation techniques for elbows, T-pieces and tight spaces are crucial to ensure long term performance.

Optimise condensation control

Find out how the right insulation can help control condensation.

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Diverse insulation products showing multi-material products Diverse insulation products showing multi-material products

Discover our installation training

Our commitment to providing high-performing insulation technology goes beyond high-quality materials. It involves sharing our expertise on the right installation of our insulation systems. In our training programs, we equip you with the necessary expertise to install our solutions reliably, safely and quickly.

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