Technical structural insulation

Enable more durable structural insulation 

Technical insulation of district heating and cooling (DHC) City

Maintaining structural integrity in load-bearing applications

Structural insulation is a vital component of building envelopes, wind parks and public transport applications. Due to their range of applications, their core material is expected to satisfy a wide range of codes and regulations – including temperature stability, recyclability, reaction to fire, lightweight, fatigue, thermal insulation, shear, compression, and water uptake. Our innovative PET-based structural materials offer comprehensive system solutions that address both structural and thermal requirements, providing strength, durability, and energy efficiency in a single component.

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Prevent fire and toxic smoke generation

Structural insulation is commonly applied in markets with stringent fire safety requirements, such as railways and buildings. Insulation with passive fire protection (PFP) properties is crucial to prevent fires and toxic gases from spreading. PET-based materials have excellent fire-resistant properties, satisfying leading railway (EN 45545-2) and construction standards (EN 13501-1). The closed-cell structure of fire-retardant PET foam shows the lowest heat release and effectively prevents the emission of toxic smoke, such as HCN and irritant gases.

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Minimise acoustic and impact levels

Acoustic insulation is essential for creating comfortable and quiet environments, while impact insulation helps mitigate vibrations caused by industrial applications or other sources. PET-based solutions offer excellent sound and impact absorption properties. The unique cellular structure of PET foam dissipates and absorbs sound waves and impact energy, minimising noise transmission and vibration transfer, leading to enhanced acoustic comfort and improved overall functionality.

ArmaPET is a foam core insulation

Energy-efficient composite sandwich structures

Energy-efficient composite sandwich structures are a powerful way of saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. As a leading technology, PET-based foam utilises post-consumer PET beverage bottles to produce high-performing structural foam. By recycling waste material into high-quality insulation resources, PET-based foam cores significantly reduce a project’s environmental impact. This allows specifiers to align with the growing standards for eco-friendly building materials.

Your holistic partner and advisor

Your holistic partner and advisor

We understand that every structural application is unique. As an experienced partner in technical insulation, we are committed to finding the right insulation solution for your project. By sharing our system expertise and technical know-how, we provide you with a complete overview of solutions to achieve your desired thermal performance and energy-saving target.

Rely on high quality and durability

Rely on high quality and durability

The insulation you choose must be durable to withstand wear and tear and achieve maximised lifetime performance. As a global leader in insulation materials, we deliver the highest quality and longevity, conducting more than 30,000 quality tests each year and optimising our materials every time you specify and use our solutions.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Lower your total cost of ownership

Insulation is essential to the operational reliability of mechanical equipment. To avoid high maintenance, repair, and consequential costs, the technical performance and reliability of the installation must always be the deciding factor when selecting equipment insulation. Our comprehensive range of high-performing system solutions and products ensures long-term reliable results. Armacell materials allow for spot repairs, ensuring that if properly installed sections are damaged, they can be restored to their original efficiency. This extends the life of the insulation and reduces the need for costly full-scale replacements, significantly lowering maintenance and repair expenses over the lifetime of the insulation.

The benefits of lightweight PET materials

Identify the right structural insulation materials for your next rail project.

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Group of green ArmaPET products showing structural performance and lightweight Group of green ArmaPET products showing structural performance and lightweight

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Our commitment to providing high-performing insulation technology goes beyond high-quality materials. It involves sharing our expertise on the right installation of our insulation systems. In our training programmes, we equip you with the necessary expertise to install our solutions reliably, safely and quickly.

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Our dedicated PET experts specialise solely in PET foam technology, offering a wide portfolio of innovative and eco-friendly PET foam solutions. As PET foam applications are still relatively new, we're here to help you navigate the technical intricacies of the material to optimise your use of PET foam technology.