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Increasing system efficiency with system solutions

In the industrial sector, requirements for technical insulation are stringent and can vary considerably depending on the application. For new sites, renovations, or expansions alike, insulation materials must be adaptable. For specifiers that means adopting a systematic approach to insulation to create high-performing industrial systems that ensure process stability. Upgrading to a comprehensive, energy efficient insulation system reduces energy losses and provides reliable protection to equipment from condensation and mechanical impact, extending service life – and insulating process equipment is one of the simplest and most efficient measures to save energy in industry. Our insulation solutions reduce energy costs for the operators and tackle climate change by preventing CO2 emissions. They ensure rapid amortisation and minimise the risk of downtime due to unplanned maintenance work. We offer a wide range of solutions and system expertise for industrial applications, ranging from chemical processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing. By selecting optimised insulation solutions, specifiers can increase site efficiency and achieve peak performance.

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Conserving energy

Meet industry-specific requirements

Insulation must meet the distinct demands of industrial applications, spanning from food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical operations to pulp and paper manufacturing sites to glassworks, steel and cement production plants, and even automotive sectors. Closed-cell elastomeric insulation helps specifiers ensure that the plant functions reliably in the long term and increases its efficiency. In the pharmaceutical and food product industries, for example, they offer distinct hygienic advantages. The non-porous, closed-cell materials prevent moisture ingress and minimise the risk of mould and bacteria growth. Providing outstanding thermal conductivity, they help operators safeguard precise temperature control critical for product quality. In the steel and energy sectors, in turn, aerogel insulation excels at withstanding extreme conditions, including a broad temperature range and resistance to mechanical stress. Their superior durability and thermal insulation properties make our next-generation aerogels ideal for protecting equipment and structures in harsh industrial environments. By carefully evaluating industry-specific needs, specifiers can address safety, performance, and regulatory objectives with confidence.

Destination - Industrial industries

Shield equipment and workforce from industrial risks

In heavy industries, noise control, corrosion prevention, and worker safety are major concerns. Operating at extreme temperatures, equipment requires insulation that can withstand searing conditions while protecting against mechanical stresses and abrasions from rigorous production processes. Closed-cell and aerogel-based insulation materials allow for a precise fit around complex components, our covering solutions ensure an effective barrier against mechanical impact, chemical exposure, vapours, and other environmental elements. Exhibiting remarkable resilience, our system solutions reduce the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI) and remain effective under expected vibration conditions, while safeguarding workers and the surrounding environment from plant noise or surface contact on high-temperature equipment. To help specifiers, protect equipment and workers, we offer our expert guidance to find safe and reliable acoustic, mechanic, and thermal solutions that protect both people and equipment.