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Enabling more energy-efficient buildings

High quality insulation fit to meet your requirements

Construction is one of the most energy-intensive industries. It’s the world's largest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions. 30 to 40 percent of greenhouse gases result from the construction, use or disposal of buildings. In industrialised countries, a lot of energy goes into transport and industry, but the building sector accounts for the majority. To meet the growing energy demand and protect the climate, energy efficiency in residential buildings must be further improved. The key to energy efficiency is insulation. From retrofitting pipes in the basement of a family home to extensive HVAC applications in complex buildings, optimal technical insulation is one of the simplest, fastest and most cost-effective measures to increase energy efficiency. Today, building specifications and certifications, such as BREEAM® LEED® and DGNB, significantly impact the choice of materials in residential building projects. Next to energy efficiency, fire safety, acoustic comfort and indoor air quality have become recognised criteria for selecting insulation solutions. Our wide range of applications enables planners to adapt to the latest requirements and achieve cost and energy savings.

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Destination - Residential Building

Prioritise ease of installation

Specifiers of residential projects are expected to complete projects under tight timelines. Opting for insulation materials that prioritise ease of installation expedites the installation process and contributes to long-term operational efficiency. Flexible insulation helps to simplify installation while minimising labour hours, costs and potential errors. Through customised solutions, we ensure that engineers adhere to tight schedules. For retrofitting projects that demand easy and fast installation, our self-adhesive insulation materials provide a hassle-free option, saving valuable time and effort. For the installation of split, solar and heat pump equipment, we offer pre-insulated and pre-coated 2-in-1 solutions. These products help simplify the installation process and significantly enhance efficiency, demanding fewer materials to handle and install. Whether retrofitting existing equipment or a new installation, focusing on ease of installation is a strategic decision that positively influences your project outcomes.

Destination - Residential Building

Comply with a growing body of regulations

In the landscape of modern construction, LEED®, BREEAM®, and DGNB prevail. These certifications emphasise energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and optimised resource use. To align with these assessments, specifiers rely on Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) and look for materials which contribute to the various programmes. As a pioneer in our industry, we offer compliance product cards for the use of our products. These cards break down in detail what contribution our products can make in the various programmes. Our dedicated solutions are designed to help you throughout this process. Whether you are planning the HVAC system for a new multi-storey building or retrofitting insulation of an existing heating system, we support you in meeting the required insulation thicknesses in residential buildings, ensuring energy-efficient thermal performance and reliable condensation control.

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Enhance fire safety in residential buildings

Incorporating fire resilience into the planning of infrastructure is key to maintaining safety. Specific regulations on passive fire protection and the fire behaviour of building materials may vary depending on the region and project requirements. Nonetheless, fire protection standards defined by national building codes are crucial to ensuring safety and protecting the welfare of individuals. These codes regulate the design and construction materials used in buildings. Our low-smoke insulation products achieve the highest fire classification for organic materials and minimise the generation of smoke in case of a fire. Our firestop products effectively seal off pipe penetrations within walls and floors, containing fire and curtailing the spread of smoke. By opting for advanced fire-safety solutions, specifiers significantly contribute to overall fire safety within infrastructures.

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Improve acoustic comfort

As cities grow and evolve, people seek peace and tranquillity in their homes. Acoustic comfort in residential buildings is vital for creating a sense of ease, cosiness, privacy, intimacy and security. As a result, the appreciation of private living spaces has increased significantly. Nowadays, tenants and buyers expect better noise control. Mechanical equipment such as plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can generate excessive noise inside the building. Topped only by traffic, neighbour noise is the second most frequent source of irritation. Studies show that 20 percent of respondents were affected by noise from sanitary fittings, especially during the night. Armacell’s acoustic insulation products provide superior noise reduction performance with thinner thicknesses, enabling space savings for other parts of the building and system design.


Balance energy efficiency and IAQ in residential buildings

Insulation materials either help protect against or contribute to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues. Building materials can release fibres, dusts and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that pollute the indoor environment. Excessive humidity in combination with dust and dirt particles provides an ideal breeding ground for microbial growth. As closed-cell, dust- and fibre-free materials, ArmaFlex® products offer built-in, passive protection against microorganisms. The closed microcell structure and the high water vapour diffusion resistance protect ArmaFlex insulation reliably against moisture penetration. What's more, Armacell is the only manufacturer of flexible technical insulation materials to equip its premium products AF/ArmaFlex Evo and SH/ArmaFlex with Microban®. These antimicrobial additives provide additional proactive protection against harmful bacteria and mould.

Destination - Residential Building

Balance costs and comfort

Improving insulation in residential buildings helps achieve significant energy and cost reductions. For both renovation and new construction projects, installing durable insulation solutions in HVAC, cooling and heating and plumbing applications from the design stage ensures thermal efficiency, prevents condensation, and controls noise. Apart from extending the lifecycle of the mechanical equipment, it also leads to improved energy efficiency and heightened comfort for homeowners.