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Specialised insulation systems for complex environments

Flexible systems for easy maintenance and lower lifecycle costs

The harsh operational conditions of oil and gas facilities require specialised insulation to maintain system performance. Highly durable and weather-resistant systems are crucial to combatting corrosion, maintaining process stability and reducing noise. At Armacell, we specialise in insulation systems for demanding onshore and offshore environments. Our elastomeric and aerogel insulation materials stand out with their high flexibility and lightweight construction, delivering outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation efficiency, with reduced thickness while maintaining optimal asset integrity. We recognise that specifiers require insulation for a wide range of industrial materials, and we offer tailored solutions and support from design stage to installation to improve site productivity and efficiency.

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Destination - Oil & Gas

Meet specific requirements and facilitate installation

In the challenging environments of oil and gas facilities, ensuring worker safety and installation quality are key. Insulation materials should be easy to install and fabricate to reduce installation time, prevent material waste and lower total installed cost. We place a special focus on comprehensive installation training and on-site technical support to reduce installation defects and ensure that material applications align with project specifications. This enables operators, engineers and contractors to optimise the value derived from their insulation system and preserves quality throughout the project's lifecycle.

aerogel-based technology

Ensure asset integrity and worker safety

To counter the pervasive threat of corrosion under insulation (CUI), professionals rely on system solutions based on closed-cell and hydrophobic aerogel materials that are proven to reduce the onset and spread of CUI. Due to their flexibility, they fit perfectly around complex parts and combined with our flexible coverings they create a robust barrier against environmental elements like wind, solar radiation, sea water and frost. This is crucial, especially as facilities are often situated in remote, challenging-to-reach locations with harsh ambient conditions. The integration of acoustic barriers, such as ArmaSound® Barriers, and flexible cladding systems such as the ArmaCladTM Arma-Chek covering systems, adds an extra layer of worker and equipment protection, offering flexibility and durability against both water and water vapour ingress. Our ArmaSound Industrial Systems combine noise control and thermal insulation in a single solution. The first noise control system to minimise the risk of CUI to optimise asset integrity. To help specifiers ensure asset longevity and worker safety, we offer expert guidance to find safe and reliable acoustic, mechanic, and thermal solutions that protect both workers and equipment.