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Foaming high-quality recycled bottle-grade PET on an industrial scale

The trend of using modern composition materials such as FRP (fibre-reinforced polymer) for architectural purposes is on the rise. These materials are taking over from traditional materials like steel, concrete, wood, and even replacing other polymeric foam core materials like PVC, PUR/PIR and XPS. This is likely due to their exceptional benefits. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is commonly known as a rigid and indestructible material used in plastic beverage bottles. Since 2006, we have been a pioneer in successfully qualifying PET foam as a core material for the composite industry, with a global reach.

What do China’s CRH3A bullet train, the most efficient wind turbines and the golden domes of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Paris have in common? They all rely on ArmaPET at their core.


Elevating PET foams to a new level

Our plant located in Thimister-Clermont has made significant progress in research and development, leading to the successful manufacturing of high-quality recycled bottle-grade PET foam on an industrial scale. This achievement has made us the first manufacturer to produce such foam in large quantities. In 2006, we launched the product ArmaFORM, a PET foam that has revolutionised the composite industry, particularly the wind energy industry.

The first polymeric insulation material based on recycled PET

Towards BEYOND BETTER performance

Our research didn’t stop there. Colleagues in Belgium wanted BEYOND BETTER product performance balanced with closing the loop on plastic packaging pollution. The result was the successful introduction of high-tech PET foams made from used beverage bottles. In 2009, we became the world’s first manufacturer of flexible technical insulation to present a lifecycle analysis. Re-using plastic waste is one way to improve our environmental footprint and since 2010, we have manufactured our green foam product based on recycled PET from almost 3 billion bottles. Subsequent milestones include the first and only 100 percent recyclable thermoplastic foil product for recycled PET in 2015 and the large-scale production of 3D-shaped PET foam cores in 2018 ideal for the automotive and industrial industries.

Offering dedicated EPDs

Your benefits at a glance

Our ArmaPET® foams meet the stringent technical requirements of today’s composite core materials and follow the circular economy guidelines to preserve the environment.

The first polymeric insulation material based on recycled PET

ArmaPET Eco50 is the first polymeric insulation material based on recycled PET with a CE certification, receiving the first-ever environmental product declaration (EPD) by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt (IBU) for PET-based insulating foam.

Moving towards a more sustainable building industry

Offering an outstanding environment profile and compliance with stringent building construction requirements, our Eco product lines help tackle global plastic pollution and support further recyclability at the end of their life cycle.

Refrain from ozone depleting HFC or CFC blowing agents

Our PET foams are made without ozone depleting HFC or CFC blowing agents. Using recycled raw materials and internal scrap reuse, our process reduces CO2 emissions by up to 37 percent compared to a standard process using virgin resin. Plus, we are seeking ways to collect post-application cut-off waste from customer sites and turn this into a routine by 2025. Our plants in Brampton (Canada), Suzhou (China) and Thimister-Clermont (Belgium) all produce PET foam and utilise this circular manufacturing model that promotes the re-use of plastic products, generates value from waste and avoids sending recoverable plastics to landfills.


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