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All insulation products for sound attenuation 

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Take your acoustic control BEYOND BETTER

Noise is increasingly affecting our life. Whether at work, in public buildings, in vehicles or at home – we are all exposed to noise. As cities grow and evolve, and people seek to find quiet in their homes and surroundings, you can look to our acoustic solutions for privacy, intimacy, coziness, and comfort. ArmaComfort enables you to take your acoustic control BEYOND BETTER. Designed to mitigate noise from technical equipment in buildings, industrial environments, vehicles, and marine vessels, we offer a complete range of acoustic insulation products with superior sound reduction qualities.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), excessive noise can seriously harm human health, disturb sleep, cause cardiovascular effects, reduce performance and provoke annoyance responses and changes in social behaviour.

ArmaComfort is an excellent safe and healthy flexible heavy mass acoustic barrier
ArmaComfort Barrier group

Flexible and thin high-performance sound attenuation

ArmaComfort® Barrier products ensure superior acoustic transmission reduction (whereas our ArmaSound® products absorb noise by converting sound energy into heat). This sound attenuation technology enables you to add mass to walls and mechanical equipment without losing space. Based on a unique EVA/EPM blend, they offer an ideal combination of technical and mechanical properties and are easy to install. They achieve the highest fire classification for organic materials and are designed to meet the main requirements for construction, transportation and industrial applications. Our ArmaComfort Barrier products are recyclable and free of halogen, phosphate, bitumen and lead.

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Vibration-damping materials

Equipment noise can also be caused by vibrations. Vibration-damping materials can reduce transmission from pipe- and ductwork, fan coil units or equipment such as heat pumps. Our ArmaComfort® AB range combines thin acoustic multilayer solutions with flexible acoustic barriers and different damping or insulation materials in one product. These easy-to-install noise control solutions are especially suitable for insulating sanitary wastewater and rainwater pipes.

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Your benefits at a glance

At Armacell, we are dedicated to offering the most advanced acoustics solutions in the industry. 

Greater noise reduction with thinner materials

In comparison to conventional products, our multi-layer acoustic insulation materials achieve greater noise reduction with thinner wall thicknesses, ensuring no space is lost while all noise is captured. 

Rely on long-lasting expertise

In 2018, when we acquired Guarto, an Italian manufacturer of acoustic insulation solutions with more than half a century of experience, we reinforced our leadership in the fast-growing acoustic insulation market.

Comprehensive acoustic guidance

Solving acoustic challenges requires correctly identifying the source of noise and understanding how it spreads, and the solutions available to control it. How do you determine the type of sound you want to reduce – and how do you deal with them? We can help you deliver the ultimate in noise reduction and acoustic comfort.