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Our broad range of leading-edge cladding systems

Weathering, UV-radiation, mechanical impact or exposure to fire, moisture, oil, chemicals and other substances – technical equipment has to withstand a lot. Without a protective shell, the insulation can be easily damaged and lose its functionality. This is where we step in. We offer a broad range of leading-edge cladding systems under our ArmaCladTM brand, providing the ideal solution for your application requirements.

We pride ourselves as the foremost provider of high-quality cladding solutions for over 30 years. Our wide product range is remarkably easy and quick to install, covering smooth sheet metal claddings, stucco aluminum, and plastic foils that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

ArmaClad Arma-Chek R application
ArmaClad application

More than 30 years of experience

For more than 30 years, we have been supplying cladding solutions. With the acquisition of Danmat Iso Systems A/S in 2017, we extended our tailor-made cladding solutions to include PVC elbows, PVC foil, PVC ribbons and pipe support. Day in and day out, our new technologies meet specific requirements and make a difference around the world.

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Today, many insulation companies rely on industrially produced cladding systems and focus on the fabrication of more complex fittings. Serial production has clear benefits: electronically controlled production lines guarantee that pipes, elbows, caps and end discs are 100 percent dimensionally accurate. As a market leader in this segment, we offer the largest range of claddings available from stock.

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Your benefits at a glance

Alternative solutions made of flexible fabric coverings or rubber have also established themselves in our industry. 

Combining flexibility with stability 

Our lightweight Arma-Chek products have high mechanical stability whilst retaining a certain degree of flexibility and being rot-resistant. Unlike rigid jacketing systems, these flexible materials recover from mechanical impact without any dents, which could lead to a compression of the insulation underneath as well as condensation on the pipe. 

Your 2-in-1 solution 

Most of our Arma-Chek systems are provided as 2-in-1 solutions – in other words: pre-covered insulation materials. 

Better performance from start to finish 

If you are looking to improve the visual appearance of suspended ceiling systems, keep pipework clean for hygienic requirements, rely on long-lasting applications, or get BEYOND BETTER protection, you will benefit from our broad cladding range. We offer customized solutions, accommodate small item quantities, provide fast delivery, and ensure excellent customer service worldwide.