Sustainability Sustainable business

Furthering Sustainable Growth

As a pioneering provider of industry-leading solutions in insulation technology, Armacell invests in products and solutions that provide sustainable value for our highly diversified global customer base. Our product portfolio delivers the value-enhancing answers that markets are demanding. Answers that we develop in close collaboration with our customers. What they need is covered by our mix of fit-for-purpose products and made-to-measure solutions.

Low impact/durable products

Low-impact/durable products

Armacell’s market leadership in insulation materials and high-performance foams is a commitment to consistently high-quality standards, which also enhance the safety and sustainability of our products. 

To enhance safety, quality and material efficiency, we conduct around 30,000 mechanical, physical, chemical and fire-relevant tests every year at our main testing centre in Münster, Germany. Other Armacell facilities around the world also have state-of-the-art product testing centres. Certified quality management systems ensure compliance with strict national and international requirements. 

At Armacell, we offer high-quality products and system solutions and provide our customers with the know-how, assistance and support they need for their installation and application. The support we offer is making a real difference in applications around the world by meeting green or wellness building certification requirements or offering practical calculation tools. We also provide customers with training measures and propose a Building Information Modelling (BIM) plug-in to ensure greater visibility, better decision-making, more sustainable options, and resource savings.

In combination with low-impact and durable performance products eligible for international green building certifications, this portfolio of work-supporting services heightens customer satisfaction with Armacell products.

Innovating for the future

Innovating for the future

Sustainability lies at the heart of our innovation and product portfolio. We are constantly looking for ways to go Beyond Better in what we offer to our customers – either through the use of alternative materials, adopting green solutions or proposing bio-based products. In recent years, we have proactively developed and commercialised sustainable products and continued to support innovative research and development (R&D) through significant investments.

Day after day, around 100 researchers and technicians at sites in Belgium, Canada, China, Germany and the USA are driving innovation in quality-oriented production, product performance, new materials and pioneering technologies. As a market leader in multi-material equipment insulation, we integrate a number of sustainability aspects into our innovation funnel, while addressing six global mega trends. Building on the sound foundations of long-lasting quality, Armacell develops innovative products and processes that lead to a continuous expansion of sustainable solutions. 

Our solutions portfolio

Our solutions portfolio

We constantly innovate, improve and rethink what we are doing with a focus on sustainable, profitable growth through the development and manufacturing of technical insulation that creates long-lasting value for our customers. The most conclusive proof of our sustainable business model comes from the contribution our solutions are making to mitigating climate change and conserving natural resources. 


Enhancing energy efficiency

Our tailor-made insulation solutions provide systems with dependable long-term protection from energy losses and condensation. 

ArmaFlex® is the family-brand name of a wide range of insulation products that are enhancing the energy efficiency of commercial buildings around the world. HVAC ducts and systems, hot and cold water, heating, plumbing and refrigeration systems, acoustic and vibration control solutions: ArmaFlex materials protect all kinds of technical equipment against energy losses. The insulation is dust- and fibre-free, free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) and free of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC) with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP). 

In addition, ArmaFixTM NH and ArmaLightTM Tubolit Split & DuoSplit meet all the specific requirements for insulating refrigeration, A/C systems and HVAC equipment. A typical HVAC system accounts for 40 percent of the total energy consumption in commercial buildings. That makes improving insulation one of the most energy-efficient ways of reducing CO2 emissions. 

ArmaGel® HT, our next-generation aerogel blanket technology, is flexible and bendable, ultra-thin and ultra-light, environmentally safe, delivers superior thermal performance, and is a reliable solution for high-temperature applications. Up to 80 percent thinner than competing insulation products with the same thermal performance, ArmaGel® HT is not only one of the best-performing insulation materials, but also environmentally safe and disposable in approved landfill areas.

Destination - Residential Building

Green buildings

Armacell’s Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are crucial for green and sustainable buildings, as they help constructors, architects, designers, specifiers, and property owners to meet the requirements of industry rating and certification schemes, such as LEED®, BREEAM®, DGNB (linked to the German Sustainable Building Council) and the Home Quality Mark (HQM). EPDs based on independent life cycle assessments (LCAs) demonstrate the environmental friendliness of products and give customers transparent insights into all stages of a product’s life cycle.

Circular Economy

Supporting circularity

Renewable energy is critical to reducing climate-harming fossil fuel consumption. Armacell’s ArmaPET® products made from recycled PET bottles are used in the construction of the rotor blades, nacelles and spinners of wind turbines and high-speed trains, for example. ArmaPET Eco50, the first polymeric insulation based on 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, combines an outstanding environmental profile with today’s stringent building construction requirements. Armacell’s PET foam products meet the stringent technical requirements of today’s composite core materials and follow circular economy guidelines to preserve the environment.

ArmaProtect emergency exit

Setting new fire safety standards

Our patented ArmaPreneTM technology offers the highest fire standard in flexible insulation, is PVC-, antimony- and bromine-free, and complies with international green building standards. By incorporating this technology, ArmaFlex® Ultima has set a new safety standard in technical insulation as the first flexible insulation material to fulfil the requirements of Euroclass BL -s1,d0. By generating 10 times less smoke than standard products and thus reducing smoke density, ArmaFlex Ultima gives building occupants an unsurpassed chance of safe evacuation in the event of a fire. 

Armacell’s wide range of ArmaProtectTM firestop systems are key to avoiding the propagation of fire and smoke in buildings. Duly certified to international fire resistance tests and safety standards, they provide fire ratings of up to 240 minutes.

Man with closed eyes relaxing on a couch

Ensuring beneficial acoustics

Acoustic insulation in buildings enhances comfort, privacy, intimacy, and a sense of security. ArmaComfort® products are highly effective, easy-to-install noise control products that are especially suitable for insulating rainwater and wastewater pipes. 

Delivering optimal performance at lower thicknesses than traditional materials, ArmaSound® RD is a uniquely advanced open-cell acoustic insulation material. With a density much greater than traditional acoustic absorption materials, it is suitable for acoustic airborne noise barrier applications and provides a dust- and fibre-free solution for use in a range of industrial processes and demanding environments.