Technical insulation of district heating and cooling ArmaFlex

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Technical insulation of district heating and cooling (DHC)

Our legacy within flexible elastomeric foam (FEF) technology

As a flexible material, FEF is renowned for its versatility, thanks to a closed-cell structure that sets it apart from conventional insulation materials. This unique structure simplifies installation, system operation and maintenance with high flexibility and outstandingly low thermal conductivity. As an adaptable material, it conforms to irregular surfaces and complex shapes, ensuring a snug fit, minimising gaps and maximising insulation effectiveness. Based on the patented ArmaPreneTM technology, it also increases fire safety as the first flexible technical insulation material in the world with fire class BL-s1,d0.

Did you know that our flexible elastomeric foam saves 140 times more energy than is used in its production?

Technical insulation of refrigeration equipment

Closed-cell elastomeric foam is trusted by professionals in a wide range of sectors due to its exceptional thermal properties. Equipped with a built-in vapour barrier, insulation systems remain efficient, safe and corrosion-resistant over time, even in challenging environments. This has a critical impact on the equipment’s overall energy consumption and significantly lowers total costs of installation and ownership.

Preventing moisture ingress 

With an inherent water vapour barrier that keeps moisture at bay. 

Optimal condensation control 

Due to high thermal resistance and optimal material thickness, mitigating condensation on surfaces. 

Setting new fire safety standard 

With ArmaPreneTM technology, exhibiting 10 times less smoke in a fire than standard elastomeric foams.

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Outperforming legacy materials on several parameters

FEF consistently demonstrates good to excellent performance across critical parameters, such as water and water vapour permeability, thermal conductivity, fire safety, flexibility, durability, and ease of installation – even in varying ambient and environmental conditions.

Increased thermal performance

Increased thermal performance

FEF's standout feature lies in its exceptional thermal conductivity. Its closed-cell structure forms a robust thermal barrier that enables superior system performance and minimises heat transfer. This helps specifiers and contractors reduce energy consumption and related operational costs.

Reliable moisture resistance

Reliable moisture resistance

Moisture-related issues can compromise the performance of the entire insulation system, leading to thermal and energy losses. Legacy materials such as mineral wool and PUR materials often require an external vapour barrier that can degrade over time or become damaged during installation or daily operation. Featuring an innate water barrier, closed-cell products ensure long-term, reliable system performance and effectively prevent moisture and vapour ingress. This maximises thermal efficiency and thereby prevents condensation from occurring on surfaces, which is crucial for maintaining long-term system integrity.

Advanced fire safety with flame-resistant polymers

Advanced fire safety with flame-resistant polymers

Equipped with patented ArmaPrene technology, our specialised fire safety solutions offer the highest fire standard in flexible insulation. While conventional elastomeric products that contain brominated flame retardants effectively inhibit combustion during a fire, they also produce a significant amount of smoke. ArmaPreneTM solves this problem by using intrinsically flame-resistant polymers and ablative protective additives, eliminating the need for any brominated flame retardants. This breakthrough technology offers the highest level of fire safety and reduces the risk of consequential fire costs.

Acoustic performance

Acoustic performance

Beyond thermal efficiency, flexible elastomeric foams can also be used in a wide range of acoustic applications. Open-cell-based solutions and hybrids with both thermal and acoustic properties, effectively absorb sound and create noise barriers that help provide a quieter and more comfortable environment.

Optimise condensation control

Find out how the right insulation can help control condensation.

ArmaFlex is the original flexible, elastomeric foam insulation. ArmaFlex is the original flexible, elastomeric foam insulation.

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