Armacell Sustainability Report 2020

Sustainability Report 2020

Our vision is to be the global leader in providing innovative technical insulation solutions and components to save energy and make a difference around the world.

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Letter from the CEO

At Armacell, we are dedicated to delivering sustainable solutions to address the global megatrends of sustainability, energy efficiency, urbanisation, globalisation of the food supply chain, lightweighting, and acoustic comfort and vibration control. Sustainable solutions that help to protect the environment and mitigate climate change are at the heart of our business model.

Sustainability Management

Creating sustainable value for our customers is our overarching goal. Sustainability is part and parcel of our business strategy and innovation efforts. Sustainability-related activities in core areas such as health & safety and environment management are deeply integrated into our day-to-day operations.

Employees First – Prioritising health, safety and training

We create safe and healthy working environments for our employees, so they can go home to family and friends as fit and well as they arrived at work. We are dedicated to developing the capabilities and competencies of our people through internal and external training programs. We are committed to ethical behaviour based on our Code of Conduct. People matter to us.

Driving Growth – Product quality and innovation

In 2020, we continued to invest in ensuring product quality and encouraging innovative research and development. Consistent raw material quality and processes, product testing and plant certifications ensure compliance with the highest product standards. Important innovations are delivering solutions to global megatrends.

Protecting our Planet – Saving resources and enhancing energy efficiency

Armacell products and solutions improve the management of finite resources by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. We give waste plastic bottles a second life and convert them into long-lasting, high-value foam core materials. 13 of our plants operate environmental management systems certified to ISO 14001: 2015 or ISO 50001: 2018.

Fostering Communities – Donating time and energy around the world

In well over a hundred countries that Armacell operates in, our employees are working to improve the quality of life in their local communities. Through their volunteering activities, which the company facilitates and encourages, Armacell employees are primarily helping and caring for children and the elderly or supporting cancer charities.

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