Sound attenuation for gas pressure reduction station

Improving acoustic comfort for local residents through sound attenuation insulation

Gas pipelines are usually installed underground or located in remote areas, where nobody normally hears any noise they may produce. Around gas pressure reduction stations, higher noise levels typically arise and to protect nearby residents, sound attenuation solutions are required. Anyone who has lived or worked in a noisy environment can confirm that sound attenuation insulation is key – as acoustic comfort and vibration control add more quality of life to urban residents, commuters and the general environment.

    Most of the pipeline from Roma to Brisbane runs below ground. To meet the requirements of the domestic gas network in Queensland, Australia, the gas flow is regulated at various stages to reduce the pressure. To protect the environment from increased noise levels that can occur when gas flows through valves and pipework above ground, Armacell was called in as a consultant to assess the proposed pipework design and the process requirements at the pressure reduction station. Analysing the pipework system, an increase in existing ambient noise levels was discovered. To meet the environmental acoustic requirements at the gas pressure reduction station a sound attenuation system was proposed.

    The client subsequently adopted the proposed ArmaSound® Industrial Systems solution in combination with a metal cladding and approved its installation at the site. An acoustic survey undertaken by Armacell specialists post installation confirmed that the site fully met the project requirements.

    The survey also revealed even higher ambient noise levels than first assumed by the customer, which led to a revision of the defined noise limit. To meet the new target level, Armacell specialists undertook a subsequent in-depth acoustic study and proposed a range of custom-engineered sound attenuation solutions.

    The chosen solution was a three metre high noise barrier on the south side of the site. Cooperating with a local manufacturer, Armacell integrated ArmaSound into the barrier. 

    A final acoustic survey on the site confirmed that the correct noise limit was fully met thanks to the custom-engineered sound attenuation solution, enhancing the quality of life for nearby residents.

    Off-the-shelf solutions are rarely the answer. We are always prepared to go the extra mile as a supportive partner for our customers. Throughout each acoustic insulation process, we go beyond supplying acoustic comfort and vibration control materials. We support an entire project from start to finish offering full support to our customers and providing innovative insulation systems and solutions.


    • Noise levels from gas pressure reduction station in Queensland expected to affect nearby residents
    • Armacell called in as acoustic services and solution supplier capacity
    • Custom-engineered acoustic comfort solution delivered 
    • Ambient noise levels discovered to be even higher than assumed
    • Acoustic barrier with integrated ArmaSound material installed to successfully reduce noise levels to acceptable levels through custom-engineered sound attenuation insulation solution


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