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Welcome to Kentner Stadium in North Carolina, USA, home of the three-time national champion Wake Forest field hockey team of Winston-Salem. Field hockey is a popular collegiate sport in the USA. Did you know that it is never played on grass turf? Since 1976, it is mandatory for major competitions to be played on artificial turf. That is where Armacell turf underlayment comes in. Shock absorption plays an important role in many parts of our lives, for example when it comes to sports. 

Anyone who has ever played any sports on synthetic pitches has experienced the difference. Some pitches are hard, some bouncy, some slippery. Sometimes your ankles can tell if you have played on artificial turf. Sometimes your ball bounces all the way out of bounds. Ideally, walking on artificial turf feels like walking on real grass. What makes the difference?  

When it comes to turf underlayment, there are a variety of artificial surfaces to choose from. The criteria that make the difference for your turf are: 

  • Consistency – Coaches and players want a surface that offers the truest ball roll and minimises ball bounce. Players need to predict what the ball is going to do. And they want a fast game. Consistency enhances the speed of play.
  • Safety – The system should include a shock attenuation pad to minimise the physical impact on players.
  • Longevity – Field hockey pitches are an investment. One that is increasingly important to schools as the game becomes more and more popular. This requires longevity, indoors and outdoors. 

Kentner Stadium is equipped with Armacell’s turf underlayment ArmaSport®. The system provides cushioning and protection for the team’s outdoor playing surface. Coaches, athletic directors and turf manufacturers require a high-quality shock pad for use under synthetic turf. Armacell’s turf underlayment shock pads provide a smooth, consistent surface with maximum shock absorption. It is appreciated for its safety and longevity benefits. Fields equipped with Armacell’s turf underlayment do not depend on infill material. That is why they provide protection across the field, to the edges, from goal to goal. 

We constantly aim to make the best of our products. We offer a variety of options, constantly aiming for the most innovative solutions. Armacell’s closed-cell foam pads come in different densities and firmness to meet the strictest specifications. Optional drainage systems and elastomeric material construction ensure greater field performance, durability and longevity.

Let’s sum up

  • Armacell’s pad systems ensure consistent shock attenuation across the turf field 
  • Innovative drainage options
  • Manufactured with an antimicrobial protection against fungi, mould and bacteria
  • Closed-cell foam in a variety of densities and firmness to meet the strictest specifications
  • Currently used in turf-underlayment and field-padding applications worldwide 

Armacell’s shock attenuation pads are turf underlayment of choice for professional and recreational sports fields. Learn more about our solutions for exceptional performance of your sports field.

ArmaSport Turf underlayment installation at Wake Forest University's Kentner Stadium

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