Industrial thermal insulation and acoustic comfort


“Mars - Work, Rest and Play”: One of the most memorable advertising campaigns of the last decades most likely applies to employees at the plant of Mars Inc. in Pune, India. At Armacell, we can claim that the industrial thermal insulation and acoustic comfort solutions supplied to Mars make working conditions more pleasant and enable energy efficiency.

Mars India, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the leading global confectionery and food manufacturer Mars, invested €150 million in a greenfield plant to manufacture chocolates in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Armacell supplied thermal insulation and acoustic comfort solutions for the entire plant.

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Mars wanted its Pune plant to be completely eco-friendly and LEED Gold® certified. Suppliers had to fulfil stringent requirements. For example, the insulation material had to be rated Class 0 in terms of fire performance, offer low thermal conductivity and provide high water vapour diffusion resistance. The insulated system’s aesthetics and mechanical protection were also important factors as the facility has open ceilings and many exposed areas.

As they fulfil the necessary requirements, ArmaFlex® Class 0, Arma-Chek® Silver 350 and ArmaSound® Super Silence Ductliner were selected, contributing towards earning points needed for a LEED certification.

ArmaFlex Class 0 was installed on all chilled and hot water pipes. This high-tech material with its insulating closed-cell structure ensures low thermal conductivity and the FM-approved insulation material forms a seamless insulation barrier, reducing the risk of corrosion under insulation. The product is also highly flexible, which makes installation over complex-shaped piping fast and easy.

Arma-Chek Silver 350 was installed over various junctures of the ArmaFlex insulated pipes for mechanical protection and aesthetic appeal. As a complete covering system, the ArmaChek range includes sheets, prefabricated elbows, tees and bends, as well as rivets and tape. Upon installation, the overall system looks modern and the insulated system is protected against mechanical stress and UV.

ArmaSound Super Silence Ductliner was installed to reduce sound carriage through the ducting systems.

ArmaFlex, the world’s first flexible insulation foam, has been going strong since 1954. Manufactured at Armacell sites around the world, the standard ArmaFlex product is customised to meet local requirements or new challenges beyond industrial thermal insulation. Armacell has mastered these through numerous innovative additions to the ArmaFlex family, e.g. ArmaFlex Ultima®, the first flexible technical insulation material with a BL-s1,d0 fire class certification.

As noise increasingly impacts urban life and numerous working environments, Armacell’s innovative acoustic comfort and vibration control solutions are making life more pleasant for urbanites, commuters and workers worldwide. ArmaSound combines sound attenuation with vibration control and decoupling properties, while ArmaSound Industrial Systems provides all-in-one thermal insulation and noise reduction solutions for industrial, marine and offshore environments.

These and other innovative products from Armacell’s extensive portfolio offer multiple energy efficiency benefits.


  • Mars plant in Pune, India, equipped with Armacell's industrial thermal insulation and acoustic comfort solutions
  • Armacell products fulfil stringent requirements for eco-friendly, LEED Gold industrial facility
  • Plant’s energy efficiency enhanced
  • Noise levels reduced 

The LEED green building program is run by the U.S. Green Building Council®. It recognises high performance in the areas of sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation, and design. 
USGBC® and the related logo are trademarks owned by the U.S. Green Building Council and are used with permission. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™. LEED®, and its related logo, is a trademark owned by the U.S. Green Building Council® and is used with permission.


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