ArmaFlex® for Commercial Equipment Insulation


For a building of superlatives, outstanding equipment insulation is a prerequisite to safeguard energy efficiency. The 108-storey, 528-metre high Citic Tower in Beijing, popularly known as China Zun, is the tallest building in the Chinese capital and the ninth tallest in the world. A building of that size requires large amounts of energy for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC). As energy efficiency was key to optimise the equipment design and construction, Armacell was commissioned to supply 7,000 cubic metres of ArmaFlex to insulate the chilled water pipes and air ducts of China Zun’s HVAC systems.

China Zun references to the zun, an ancient Chinese wine vessel that inspired the building’s design. The eye-catching landmark on the skyline of Beijing is an inspiring architectural highlight.

So far, China Zun has set eight world records and received 15 national accolades:

  • Deepest building foundation
  • Highest number of floors
  • Highest and largest indoor sightseeing platform 

China Zun is said to be the world’s first skyscraper of more than 500 meters in height capable of withstanding an earthquake of 8.0 in magnitude on the Richter scale. Such stability is based, in part, on China Zun’s concrete-filled, multi-cavity steel tubular column, with a cross-section area of over 64 square metres. 

metres high
m² of ArmaFlex

China Zun was set to be the benchmark for green building design. To optimise energy efficiency of HVAC and refrigeration systems the equipment requires protection from condensation. As part of the selection process of the equipment insulation material of choice, project designers visited multiple manufacturers of thermal insulation materials and chose ArmaFlex for the insulation of chilled pipes and air ducts for China Zun. The combination of Armaflex' superior performance parameters and of Armacell's reliable supply chain and technical customer service led to the appointment as the designated insulation material supplier for HVAC systems in China Zun.

ArmaFlex is trusted to provide reliable, long-term condensation control, without any external water vapour barrier. ArmaFlex adhesive, a quick-drying contact adhesive specially formulated to create uniform and safe seam bonding of ArmaFlex insulation materials, was also used in this project. Our adhesive maintains high resistance to water vapour and provides vapour-tight joints.

ArmaFlex, the world’s first flexible insulation foam, has been going strong since 1954. Manufactured at Armacell sites around the world, the ArmaFlex product is customised to meet local requirements and regulations. Armacell has extended the ArmaFlex family by numerous innovative product solutions since. ArmaFlex Ultima®, for example, is the first flexible technical insulation foam certified to fire class BL-s1,d0. ArmaFlex LS set a new benchmark in low-smoke density pipe insulation that reduces smoke development and hazardous emissions to facilitate evacuation from a building in the event of fire.

These and other innovative products from Armacell’s extensive portfolio offer energy-saving benefits in commercial equipment insulation. And with buildings responsible for around 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption, enhancing their energy efficiency is key to addressing climate change.


  • 7,000 cubic metres of ArmaFlex installed to insulate chilled water pipes and air ducts in Beijing’s tallest skyscraper
  • Energy efficiency the key criterion for choosing ArmaFlex for equipment insulation
  • Condensation control – ArmaFlex is a high-quality, closed-cell insulation product trusted to prevent condensation
  • Strict quality control and manufacturing set up: Armacell was the sole supplier of HVAC insulation materials
  • Numerous innovative additions to the global ArmaFlex family
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