Dialogue & recognition

Our global employee survey is conducted across Armacell globally every two years. It provides constructive and valuable feedback to the company, which helps Armacell to become an even better place to work. Improving the working environment and people engagement are the main goals of this initiative. Following our last employee survey, more than 400 people engagement activities have been implemented.

Recognising our employee's efforts, achievements and work is part and parcel of our spirit. The company established a series of corporate awards designed to recognise outstanding performances that drive the organisation forward. The Armacell awards focus on motivation, goals and commitment to perform. More importantly, they say ‘Thank You’ to our teams.

The Global Armacell Day is another way of thanking our employees and being part of the Armacell family. Since 2015, the Global Armacell Day is celebrated around the world. Organised locally, this day reminds employees that regardless of where they are in the world, they all share the same vision, mission and values. Team spirit, interaction and cooperation are the main messages of the event, which involves team building and Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

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