How we work

Armacell is a truly global company with an internationally diverse workforce comprising 70 different nationalities amongst staff worldwide. Dedicated and entrepreneurial employees with integrity are Armacell’s greatest asset. They all share a common set of core values that are part of our corporate philosophy: customer experience, commitment, empowerment, integrity and sustainability.

Our Code of Conduct based on these five core values is the benchmark against which all our business activities are evaluated. Building on our corporate values, our Code of Conduct describes how these values are put into practice, defines rules for everyday work and provides ethical principles to which we align our behaviour and business activities to the benefit of our stakeholders and customers.

Employee development

As a company we focus on the well-being of all our employees and offer a wide range of opportunities for education and vocational training. This is part of our corporate responsibility towards our people. And we do our best to create a positive working atmosphere at all our sites around the world.

Across all business activities, Armacell is committed to act responsibly. We enacted an Anti-Corruption Policy reflecting our commitment to integrity. A key priority in our compliance efforts is the prevention of bribery and corruption – we operate a zero tolerance policy. Our Sanctions Policy safeguards fundamental values such as human rights, the struggle against terrorism and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. These are values we identify with as a company. In 2017, Armacell enacted a new global Anti-Money Laundering Policy, raising staff awareness of the need to ascertain the identity of business people they are dealing with and to be on their guard for any potential money-laundering activity.

Our corporate philosophy

At Armacell, our corporate philosophy "From Vision To Action" is the foundation for shaping our future and provides our employees with guiding framework.

Health & Safety

At Armacell, the health and safety of our employees comes first. With our WAM (World-Class Armacell Mindset) program we promote a zero accident mindset.
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