Executive management team

Armacell’s executive team is composed of highly experienced managers with a diverse range of skills.
Their common purpose is to drive the company’s future growth by furthering innovation, encouraging commitment and promoting entrepreneurship.

Patrick Mathieu, CEO Armacell

Patrick Mathieu

Chief Executive Officer


Sets and executes Armacell’s strategy in making the company a global leader in energy efficiency around the world.

Déborah Hutschemackers Armacell CFO

Déborah Hutschemackers

Chief Financial Officer (acting)


Develops Armacell’s strategic choices through capital structure optimisation, management of financial resources, taxation and risk, and efficient capital utilisation; also responsible for controlling and accounting.

Sophie Ancelin, CHRO Armacell

Sophie Ancelin

Chief Human Resources Officer


Fosters the talents of 3,000+ employees in 16 countries to enable Armacell’s global growth and leads all training, talent acquisition and career development activities.

Roberto Mengoli, CTO Armacell

Roberto Mengoli

Chief Technology Officer


Ensures and monitors the highest possible quality and safety standards by systematically optimising structures and processes throughout Armacell.

Adrian Yeandle

Chief Legal & Compliance Officer


Manages the legal aspects of the business and ensures that Armacell's operations comply with applicable laws and internal regulations.

Ciro Ahumada, VP AMERICAS Armacell

Ciro Ahumada

Vice President AMERICAS


Energises the synergies from multiple acquisitions in North and South America to deliver profitable, high-quality product solutions.

Malte Witt, VP APAC Armacell

Malte Witt

Vice President APAC & Chief Marketing Officer


Strives to strengthen Armacell’s position and increase market shares in the Asia-Pacific region; also responsible for creating a customer-centric culture.

Guillerme Huguen

Vice President EMEA


Leverages his industry, raw material and pricing know-how to build customer relationships where Armacell is appreciated as a trusted and reliable partner.

Bart Janssen, VP Engineered Foams Armacell

Bart Janssen

Vice President Engineered Foams & Energy


Drives and implements the strategic development of the PET and Component Foams business, with a strong focus on nurturing the sustainability of product lifecycles.

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