Career at Armacell

In our global company, recruitment is managed locally and each country defines the strategy that is appropriate for their requirements.

At Armacell, we hire every employee with the long-term in mind. And even though our recruitment process is organised locally, working for Armacell means being committed to the future of the group as a whole. Our recruitment process ensures that we have the talents to grow our future. The process enables you to define your motivation and what you can bring to the company to help Armacell achieve its goals.



Training opportunities

Our company offers our employees the chance to further develop their skills. We provide them with training opportunities and nurture their talents. Besides initial vocational training courses, Armacell is committed to continuous training and educational measures for its global workforce.


World-Class Armacell Mindset (WAM)

Across its WAM program, Armacell aims to improve the company's performance through continuous, structured and objective analysis. Two main areas, WAM Manufacturing and WAM Sales & Marketing, are live today. Across both, employees are continuously trained on- and -off-site.


Global programs

Armacell organises training programs that are implemented on a global basis. Colleagues are able to meet each other, receive the same level of information and improve their work. Leadership @ Armacell, the custom group-wide leadership program running since 2013, has meanwhile more than 500 manager graduates. Demand Generation courses attracted 300+ attendees, while the Global Process program saw 100 participants since its inauguration.


Local training programs

Specific measures are conducted at a regional or national level to cater to local requirements.

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