01 October 2019

Global Armacell Day 2019 in the USA

Employees celebrate the Global Armacell Day worldwide.

Have a look at Global Armacell Day celebrations in our Atlanta, Conover, Mebane, Spencer and Yukon plants.

  • Mebane employees celebrated with a cook out style menu, bingo and prize raffle games. This year they hosted a fundraising event to benefit a local food bank.

  • The Spencer team proved to be a lucky charm for the local baseball team after their victory.

  • The Yukon team held a fun and creative day for children.

  • Fun challenges took place in Atlanta with chain, ultimate tower and hula hoop relay games.

  • Focusing on the Armacell core value of Sustainability, the Conover team volunteered and supported SEEDS, a local non-profit urban garden and kitchen. They also had a great time with their children with kart racing.

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