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All mounting and fixing solutions 

Pipe insulated with ArmaFlex and ArmaFix showing system solution

System solutions for maximum reliability

Controlling condensation is critical because moisture can compromise your insulation system and lead to thermal loss, corrosion under insulation (CUI) and mold. Pipe brackets are potential weak spots in an insulation system to watch out for. If a pipe is not thermally isolated from the pipe hanger, thermal bridges can occur, and condensation can form. Our ArmaFix range of pipe hangers and duct supports prevents thermal bridging and condensation while offering optimum reliability, and mitigation against CUI, as well as being quick and easy to install due to self-adhesive closures. In technical insulation, BEYOND BETTER performance is only achieved when all components fit together, are tested as a system and installed professionally.

Did you know that 98 percent of all insulation failures are related to moisture?

ArmaFix Ultima application
ArmaFix system solution

From pipe support to system solution

Launched in 1993 as a pipe support, ArmaFix was later offered as a system solution with our various ArmaFlex materials (halogen-free, low-smoke). When used together with our ArmaFlex insulation, the system acoustically decouples pipes and ducts from the building structure and reduces transmission of structure-borne noise in the building. In 2008, we introduced our ArmaFlex system warranty, a unique partner concept which provides training and certification of ArmaFlex installers and an extended warranty on ArmaFlex products – even 10 years when using ArmaFlex in combination with ArmaFix. The Armacell certification and ArmaFlex system warranty has established itself as a seal of quality in many markets.

ArmaFix PET core

Switching to rPET cores

Since 2015, ArmaFix has been offered with load bearing rPET cores, which protect the insulation from being crushed or damaged. What’s more, these PET cores produced by us are based on 100 percent post-consumer recycled material and help to conserve natural resources – further proof of our sustainable business model, which is based on the contribution our solutions make to conserving natural resources.

A complete suite of innovative solutions

A complete suite of innovative solutions

Today, we offer a complete suite of innovative pipe and duct support solutions. Excellent product quality, system reliability and strong partnerships – that’s what we are known for in the industry.

Easy installation with self-adhesive closures

Your benefits at a glance

Easy and quick installation thanks to self-adhesive closure.

Prevents thermal bridges, reduces energy losses and minimizes CO₂ emissions

Essential on refrigeration and chilled water pipes where there is a risk of condensation forming between the pipe and its fixing.

Mitigate corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Superior CUI protection as it prevents condensation at fixing points.

Easy installation with self-adhesive closures and perfect matching with ArmaFlex insulation sizes

Easier than using standard clamps and pipe supports, simply snap the one-piece pipe support around the pipe and fasten it by means of the self-adhesive closure. Finish by glueing the butt ends of the pipe support to the tube material.