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A trusted solutions provider around the world. Pioneers of insulation for more than 120 years, Armacell understands that every project is different. With proven field experience and a focus on details that ensures reliability, quality and consistency, customers trust Armacell to offer the right solution every time.


Learn how to get your insulation project right in our whitepaper

Simplify your insulation project processes. Read our whitepaper to discover some of the most common workflow challenges – and find out how to overcome them.

We make system performance a priority

No two systems are the same. From different operational environments and available space to project timelines and specifications, there are many aspects that need to be considered and accounted for in every project. And we know that every detail counts. That’s why Armacell is more than an insulation manufacturer. We work closely and offer support for all stakeholders involved in a project – from sales partners and installers to specifiers, end-users and fabricators. It is in our DNA to go beyond insulation to provide holistic advice that ensures the desired system performance is achieved every time.


Find the right insulation with our calculation tool

The reliability of an insulation system is determined by three key factors: Identification of the right insulation material and thickness, material quality and installation workmanship. This is because the right insulation thickness is necessary to prevent condensation and minimise energy losses. Armacell has developed a professional thermal insulation calculation tool to help specifiers, mechanical engineers and contractors precisely calculate and determine the optimal insulation thickness based on economic consideration.


Get application training for proper installation

Installation workmanship has a direct impact on the reliability of an insulated system. It also affects the aesthetics and cost-efficiency of an insulation project. Depending on availability, Armacell offers structured, certified and non-certified training programmes at dedicated Armacell facilities, at the job-site or at a customer-defined location. Complimentary online and offline resources are also provided to help installers and contractors properly install solutions at the job site quickly, efficiently and with minimal waste.

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