ArmaWin Professional ArmaWin insulation thickness calculator on multible devices


Just how thick does thermal insulation material have to be?


This is a key question for specifiers, mechanical engineers, contractors, and installers. After all, if the insulation is too thin, it will not do its job. That’s why we have developed this free, professional insulation thickness calculator tool with rules for calculating the heat transfer-related properties of building equipment.

Besides calculating the minimum insulation thickness required for a particular application, it also determines surface temperature, surface heat transfer by convection and radiation, density of heat flow, temperature changes in flowing and stationary media, condensation prevention or condensation control, freezing times for water pipes and the most economical insulation thicknesses – in other words those with the shortest payback periods.  

This tool is free to download, and project-related reports which include graphical illustrations to facilitate ease of reading can also be saved for future use or forwarded via e-mail.

Use our 24/7 practical tool for your everyday work when installing Armacell’s premium insulation products to ensure they deliver the best possible performance.

Professional ArmaWin insulation thickness calculator on multible devices

How to Use Our Professional Thickness Calculator ArmaWin

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