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Armacell acquires Austroflex, a leader in pre-insulated pipe systems

Luxembourg/Villach, 04 October 2022 – Armacell, a global leader in flexible foam for the equipment insulation market and a leading provider of engineered foams, has acquired Austroflex Rohr-Isoliersysteme GmbH, an Austrian expert in flexible pre-insulated pipe systems, thermal solar pipe systems and technical insulation solutions.

October 4, 2022|
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Armacell acquires Austrian leader in pre-insulated pipe systems |
  • Complements Armacell’s product portfolio with flexible pre-insulated pipe systems
  • Expands geographic and market exposure
  • Allows further access to fast-growing customer segments in Europe

Founded in 1985 as a family-run business, the Austrian manufacturer is well-recognised in both the domestic as well as the German market. Headquartered in Villach, in the province of Carinthia, Austroflex currently employs more than 80 people, while its manufacturing facilities span some 55,000 m².

Leveraging a broad range of materials, Austroflex proposes innovative insulation solutions with a high degree of customisation for multiple industrial uses, including district heating and cooling networks, sanitary and potable water systems, solar energy applications and technical installations.

The parties have agreed to keep the purchase price of the transaction confidential.

We are pleased to be joining the global Armacell family and look forward to leveraging our knowledge and environmentally-friendly manufacturing capacity and products for the benefit of a highly-diversified customer base, 

added Stefan Aichholzer, Managing Director of Austroflex.

The acquisition of Austroflex allows Armacell to further expand its geographic and market exposure in Europe while strengthening our product portfolio, expertise and manufacturing capabilities to serve the energy-efficient and fast-growing pre-insulated pipe market.