Technical insulation of storage tanks & vessels

Providing highly efficient thermal, acoustic and passive fire protection (PFP) insulation solutions for storage tanks and vessels.

Technical insulation of storage tanks & vessels Application - Heating & Plumbing

Effectively conserving heat and cold

Storage tanks and vessels come in various sizes and shapes. And requirements on desired temperatures and handling may differ significantly depending on the stored product. Whether small or large, technical insulation of tank systems is one of the most efficient measures to protect both the quality of the goods stored on the inside and the safety of employees on the outside of the tank. Elastomeric and aerogel insulation materials enable operators to build long-lasting tank systems that maintain thermal integrity and minimise the risk of downtime due to unscheduled maintenance work.

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Control condensation in humid environments

Condensation control is a critical challenge in storage tank and vessel applications as environments can be complex and, in certain geographic locations, humidity levels are a strong consideration Closed-cell solutions, such as elastomers, offer excellent moisture resistant properties and control condensation build-up on pipes, tanks, and equipment. Characterised by high elasticity in a broad temperature range, they deliver high mechanical strength and ensure that assets remain protected, maintaining their quality and preventing damage caused by condensation-related issues such as corrosion under insulation and mold growth.

ArmaFlex based thermal insulation system

Improve system and energy performance

Energy consumption is a significant concern across a wide range of processing industries, as uncontrolled heat loss/gain can account for a substantial portion of energy usage. Especially when stored outdoors, selecting materials with low thermal conductivity and high moisture resistance is key. Elastomeric foam possesses exceptional water-repellent properties and effectively protects tank systems from freezing or over-heating, ensuring reliable system performance and minimising energy losses caused by heat transfers.

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Rely on Passive Fire Protection (PFP)

Our new generation of ArmaGel® HTF aerogel fire protection blankets are designed to withstand temperatures of +650 ºC (+1200 ºF). Officially tested for up to 120 minutes, our UL 1709-compliant solution provides reliable passive fire protection, reducing the risk of shut-downs at the same time as protecting your assets.

Your holistic partner and advisor

Your holistic partner and advisor

At Armacell, we understand that every storage solution is unique. As an experienced partner in technical insulation, we are committed to finding the right insulation solution for your project – from insulation materials to adhesives and accessories as well as cladding and pre-covered products. By sharing our system expertise and technical know-how, we provide you with a complete overview of your insulation system to achieve your desired thermal and acoustic performance and energy-saving target.

Rely on high quality and durability

Rely on high quality and durability

The insulation you choose must be durable to withstand wear and tear and achieve maximised lifetime performance. As a global leader in insulation materials, we deliver the highest quality and longevity, conducting more than 30,000 quality tests each year and constantly optimising our materials to offer best-in-class solutions for your projects.

Lower your total cost of ownership

Lower your total cost of ownership

Insulation is essential to the operational reliability of mechanical equipment. To avoid high maintenance, repair, and consequential costs, the technical performance and reliability of the installation must always be the deciding factor when selecting equipment insulation. Our comprehensive range of high-performing system solutions and products ensures long-term reliable results. Armacell materials allow for spot repairs, ensuring that if properly installed sections are damaged, they can be restored to their original efficiency. This extends the life of the insulation and reduces the need for costly full-scale replacements, significantly lowering maintenance and repair expenses over the lifetime of the insulation.

Get installation support

Get installation support

We believe that insulation material is only as valuable as the quality of its installation. That’s why we are continuously building a growing network of certified installers, ready to use our high-quality materials effectively and professionally. Our dedicated Armacell trainers offer structured on-site and off-site training courses and certifications, complemented by self-service tools, including application manuals and videos to support installers and contractors during specification and installation.

Optimise condensation control

Find out how the right insulation can help control condensation. 

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Benefit from our Energy Assessment

Our Energy Assessments – performed onsite by our technical experts - are an effective way to assess your energy losses across your facility and to determine the right course of action for BEYOND BETTER energy efficiency, productivity and process stability.


Discover our Installation Training

Our commitment to providing high-performing insulation technology goes beyond high-quality materials. It involves sharing our expertise on the right installation of our insulation systems. In our training programs, we equip you with the necessary expertise to install our solutions reliably, safely and quickly.

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Discover our Acoustic Consultancy Service

From initial design to project completion, our comprehensive acoustic consultancy service provides acoustic measurements, modelling, and advice, ensuring effective noise control solutions for your project's success. This deep understanding forms the foundation for our wide range of tailored solutions.