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Armacell UK Ltd.

Mars Street
Greater Manchester
Tel.: +44 (0)161 287 7100
Fax: +44 (0)161 633 2685
E-Mail: info.uk@armacell.com
Internet: www.armacell.com/uk

Committed to quality British manufacturing, Armacell UK Ltd is the leading manufacturer and supplier of thermal and acoustic elastomeric foam insulation within the UK and Ireland.

Production began at our Oldham plant over 40 years ago in the mid 1960’s. Since this time we have been proud to call ourselves a local manufacturer and innovator on a global scale.

It was in our Oldham plant that key landmark developments in elastomeric insulation technology, such as high temperature, UV resistant, HT/Armaflex and the high performance acoustic foam ArmaSound RD, were conceived and developed. Class O Armaflex, the first elastomeric foam insulation meeting the hugely influential British Standards on product fire performance, was also developed here in Oldham.

Our manufacturing facility in Oldham is also notable for Armacell worldwide as one of the principle manufacturing centres for Tubolit domestic pipe insulation and packaging profiles alongside Armaflex and ArmaSound RD.

By developing and producing products specifically tailored to our home markets we are able to add local expertise to the specialist knowledge on which our reputation for technical and service excellence is built. Aside from being the only local manufacturer, Armacell is also the only supplier of elastomeric foam insulation to offer an expert technical support service tailored specifically to UK standards and expectations.

Located at the heart of the UK motorway network, Armacell UK is able to offer customers in the UK and Ireland superior sales service backed by an efficient logistics operation with multiple deliveries every week to distributors in every part of the British Isles.

The company: Armacell UK Ltd.
General Manager UK & Ireland: Mike Rust
Manufacturing Manager UK: Tom McCreight
Employees 2009: 96 employees
Location: Oldham, Greater Manchester
Market Areas: Thermal pipework and ductwork insulation for domestic, non-domestic and industrial applications.

Acoustic insulation for pipework, ductwork, flooring applications and industrial pipework

Technical Foams for a variety of OEM applications.

PE- Profiles for protection and packaging applications
Brands: (manufactured in Oldham) Armaflex - a highly flexible, closed-cell, elastomeric insulation material
Tubolit - thermoplastic insulation for domestic heating pipework
ArmaSound - acoustic insulation products

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Armacell UK Ltd Mars Street Oldham Greater Manchester OL9 6LY
Tel +44 (0)161 287 7100 Fax +44 (0)161 633 2685
e-mail: info.uk@armacell.com www.armacell.com/uk