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ARMAFLEX Adhesive RS850
Armaflex RS850 is a non-drip thixotropic gel form adhesive specially developed for bonding Armaflex nitrile rubber materials. The non-drip formulation is good for use in confined spaces or when working at height to avoid spillages and has reduced solvent content. The adhesive can be used on all types of Armaflex excluding HT/Armaflex and Armaflex Ultima (HT 625 and Armaflex Ultima adhesives required). RS850 has a long shelf life of 3 years and is suitable for service temperatures from -40 C to +70 C. The contact adhesive is activated once stirred and reaches full strength after 24 hours.

ARMAFLEX Adhesive 520
Armaflex 520 adhesive is based on modified chloroprene rubber in a blend of flammable solvents. The material has low viscosity for ease of application and quick drying characteristics. In the dry state, Armaflex 520 Adhesive is not flammable. The adhesive is particularly suitable for joining Armaflex flexible elastomeric insulation and for bonding the material to clean prepared surfaces. When properly cured the adhesive maintains the resistance to water vapour expected of Armaflex. Armaflex Adhesive 520 adhesive is also suitable for joining Tubolit flexible polyethylene thermal insulation.

ARMAFLEX Adhesive HT625
HT625 adhesive is a one-component adhesive which has been developed to bond Armaflex insulation applied on high temperature lines. Especially well matched with HT/Armaflex, it guarantees a homogeneous and safe bonding at joints and seams.

ARMAFLEX Ultima Adhesives
Latest generation Armaflex Ultima 700 adhesive especially formulated for bonding of Ultima products. Reduced solvent, non-drip alternative available to meet increased project sustainability requirements - RS850 (available in blue for use with Ultima products or brown for standard Armaflex projects).

ARMAFLEX Tape Self-Adhesive
Self-Adhesive tape (available in Class O Armaflex, NH/Armaflex or HT/Armaflex) which may be used for insulating difficult shapes or areas not easily accessible

Armafinish 99 is a water-based coating using an advanced terpolymer resin system. When properly applied the coating is suitable for the protection of Armaflex flexible thermal insulation materials against sunlight, UV radiation and chemical attack.The coating, when fully cured, maintains the flexibility, resistance to water vapour and fire performance of the Armaflex material. Where resistance to damage is a particular requirement the coating may be further strengthened using a random mesh glass fibre scrim.

Armaflex cleaner is a clear, colourless volatile liquid. It is used for the removal of grease oils and dirt from surfaces prior to the use of Armaflex adhesives or Armafinish 99 paint. The cleaner may also be used to clean brushes, tools, etc. which have become contaminated with Armaflex adhesive.

ARMAFLEX Gluemaster
Glue pump enhanced for use with Armaflex adhesives. Metal can and brush in one with dose pump. Gluing is made faster and more efficient than manual application, requiring no manual “dunking” of an application brush. By adequately spreading the glue onto the surface Gluemaster provides savings by reducing waste to an absolute minimum.

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