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Products made by Armacell

By developing the first flexible insulation product at the end of the 1950s, the company laid the foundations for the flexible technical insulation industry as we know it today. Armaflex is now the world’s best-known brand in this industry. Almost all significant innovations in the field of flexible technical insulation materials have come from Armacell and the company has set industry standards throughout the world.

The revolutionary insulation with double performance: reliable condensation control and effective energy saving

Halogen-Free Insulation

The flexible UV resistant insulation for heating, industrial and solar applications with line temperatures up to 150 C

HT/Armaflex S
The flexible and high-temperature resistant insulation to optimise efficiency of outdoor applications

Armaflex Duct
Cleaner, Quieter Duct Insulation

Armaflex AC
The versatile flexible insulation for air conditioning and heating & plumbing installations

Armaflex DuoSolar
The easy-to-install pre-insulated tubing system for a professional connection of solar hot water systems without energy losses

The robust and reliable insulation system to reduce heat losses in heating and plumbing pipes and improve acoustic comfort

Tubolit Split / DuoSplit
The pre-insulated product that offers higher levels of performance and aesthetics

The secure insulation for high visual demands for heating & plumbing pipe work

Arma-Chek R
The Insulation System with Extra System Security that Minimises the Risk of Under Insulation Corrosion (UIC)

Arma-Chek D
The Lightweight and Easy to Apply Insulation System Reistant to Mechanical Impact

Sheet-metal jacket-system for the professional

The insulating system made of aluminium foil for the professional

The efficient and cost-saving jacketing system for insulated pipes

Armaflex Protect
Flexible fire penetration seal and pipe insulation

ArmaSound RD
High Performance Sound Absorption for a Quieter Environment

ArmaSound Industrial Systems
The First Sound Control Systems which Minimise the Risk of Under Insulation Corrosion

Tubolit AR Fonoblok & Fonowave
Acoustic insulation for waste water piping systems

Professional pipe supports to avoid thermal bridging in refrigeration and chilled water installations

Armaflex DuoSolar Fittings
Coupling system for secure installations with Armaflex DuoSolar VA

Armacell SAE Fittings
Make the right connection - Secure and Fast Solution for Split Installations

The versatile and complete set of tools and accessories to enhance professional and secure Armaflex installations

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