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Armafix X
Versatile pipe-hanger with elastomeric insulation
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Armafix X is a new pipe support with plastic segments glued to the Armaflex insulation as a lower cost alternative to standard Armafix supports with rigid PUR inserts. Pipe supports are recommended for use where thermal bridging may occur. This is particularly important on refrigeration and chilled water pipes where there is a possibility of condensation taking place, between the pipe and its fixing. In heating installations the use of pipe supports will generally improve energy conservation.

Insulating the entire pipework system – inclusive pipe hangers - ensures effective de-coupling from supporting and structural elements as well as other service installations. This prevents acoustic bridging, often responsible for the majority of pipework noise within the building.
The benefits of being well prepared:
One piece with self-adhesive closure to prevent condensation
Built-in vapour barrier eliminates thermal bridging
Fibre free insulation with thermal and acoustic properties
Absorption of static forces in vicinity of brackets
Excellent de-coupling and isolation performance
Installed in three easy steps
Application Areas
Where thermal bridging should be avoided in refrigeration and air-conditioning installations, which are intended to be insulated with Class O Armaflex
Process work
Hot and cold water services
Chilled water lines
Heating systems
Air conditioning and refrigeration pipework and ancillary equipment

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