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Armaflex - Protects Your Investment
The professional insulation with the "inbuilt water-vapour-barrier"
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With its exceptional, inbuilt, water vapour barrier Armaflex is particularly effective at preventing moisture ingress and ensuring long term thermal efficiency. The thermal properties of Armaflex will not rapidly deteriorate over time as other insulation materials may and, by keeping moisture as far from the pipe surface as possible, Armaflex reduces the risk of expensive under insulation corrosion.

The in built water vapour of Armaflex comes from its closed cell structure. Armafl ex comprises thousands of interconnected closed cells, each with an inherent resistance to water ingress. As such the vapour barrier of Armaflex cannot be compromised by surface punctures or tears.

In addition Armaflex is dust and fibre free. It will not emit any particles or fibres, even when cut into shapes and fittings.

Armaflex can be easily and cost effectively fabricated into valve and fl ange boxes on site, allowing for the protection of these vulnerable components and the creation of a fully sealed system at signifi cantly reduced cost.

Where industries have specific requirements Armaflex is often available in specialized variants which meet the need. This includes a high temperature Armaflex suitable for use on heating and process lines in excess of 105C. All Armaflex variants are manufactured to the highest levels of quality making Armaflex a product that can truly protect your investment.

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