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From Pioneer to a Global Market Leader

FOAMS engineered to perform
At Armacell the combination of market understanding and technical knowledge has led to the development of a range of products each carefully engineered to meet specific demands.

Armaflex Protect: Flexible insulation and fire protection in one
With Armaflex Protect Armacell presents a highly flexible fire protection system for almost all building service pipes...

AF/Armaflex from Armacell: Now equipped with antimicrobial MicrobanŽ technology 
Highly flexible low-temperature insulation material for an added level of protection against bacteria, mould and mildew ...

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On these pages we have provided general technical data for the application of our products. For specific industry standards and further guidance within a particular country, please contact our customer service.

All statements and technical information are based on results obtained under typical conditions. It is the responsibility of the recipient to verify with us that the information is appropriate for the specific use intended by the recipient.