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Triple security: effective condensation control, active MICROBAN® antimicrobial protection and excellent fire performance
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AF/Armaflex® is the professional fl exible insulation for reliable continuous condensation control. Its unique micro-cell structure makes the product easy to install. The optimal combination of a very low thermal conductivity and extremely high resistance to water vapour transmission prevents long-term energy losses and water vapour ingress and reduces the risk of under insulation corrosion. The built-in MiCrobaN® antimicrobial protection and the excellent fire performance make the product especially suitable for use in public buildings and process industries. The complete AF/Armaflex® system family offer a secure and complete solution for all areas of application.
  • NEW! With Microban ® anti-microbial product protection
  • NEW! EuroClass B/BL-s3, d0
  • Reduction of structure-borne noise by up to 30 dB(A)
  • λ 0º = 0,033
  • µ = 10.000) </span>]
  • Secure system solution with Armafix® to avoid thermal bridges
  • Engineered wall thickness for optimal protection against frost and condensation

Application Areas

AF/Armaflex is the ideal insulation material for HVAC & Refrigeration systems in environments where highest levels of moisture control, hygiene and indoor air quality are required, such as process industries or public buildings, especially those hosting population groups particularly vulnerable due to their health status or age.
  • Health care facilities
  • Educational facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Public areas
  • Commercial areas
  • Process industry

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