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Welcome to Armacell North America
Armacell is a global innovator in foam technologies and the world leader in the market for flexible technical (mechanical) insulation materials.

Apart from ARMAFLEX, the most trusted brand in flexible, fiber-free mechanical insulation, Armacell produces thermoplastic insulation materials, covering systems, noise control products and special foams for a multitude of industrial and athletic applications and foam cores used as composite materials.


Insulating pipe and duct work is one of the most effective ways to protect the value of an investment. Aside from restricting energy losses, insulation also prevents condensation and the associated risks of pipe corrosion and mold growth. The Armacell range of thermal insulation materials is specifically designed to meet the challanges posed by modern mechanical services.

Elastomeric and Polyolefin Component Foams

Armacell is a proven global leader in cellular technologies and technical support. Product lines include elastomeric foams, expanded rubbers and polyolefins for automotive and industrial applications (Ensolite®, OleTex® and Monarch®), the sport and leisure sector (ArmaSport® and OleTex®) and innovative 100% recyclable polypropylene (PropaCene®). Armacell's patent-pending ArmaSport Turf Pads / Underlayments are a preferred alternative to other systems, including crumb infill. Armacell also offers extruded and molded elastomeric profile products (EnsoLine®), and extruded and co-extruded polyethylene (OleCell®) for many different protective applications..

North America Locations

Mebane Plant and Corporate Headquarters
Armacell LLC
7600 Oakwood Street Extension
Mebane, NC 27302

Phone 919 304-3846 or 1-800-866-5638
Fax 919-741-5360

Conover Plant
Armacell LLC
1004 Keisler Road
Conover, North Carolina 28613

Phone 1-800-992-9116
Fax 1-828-465-3199

Dallas Plant
Armacell LLC
351 Thomas B Murphy Drive
Dallas, Georgia 30132

Phone 1-770-443-1844
Fax 1-770-445-0420

South Holland Plant
Armacell LLC
16800 South Canal Street
South Holland, Illinois 60473

Phone 1-800-343-1255
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Spencer Plant
Armacell LLC
100 Locust Avenue
Spencer, West Virginia 25276

Phone 1-800-638-6312
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