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Thermal Insulation
Acoustic Insulation
Thermal-Acoustic Insulation
Mechanical Protection
Mechanical Protection
The extreme temperatures associated with industrial and petrochemical processes require protection for both:

  • Damage from mechanical impacts and
  • To protect personnel working in the vicinity of pipework, valves and vessels

Flexible technical foams and covering systems have the advantage of being able to absorb impacts without the risk of materials cracking or damage to the external layer. Insulation also serves to reduce outer temperatures to safer levels in case operators come into contact with equipment.

Armacell has developed Arma-Chek R Grey non-metallic cladding materials and covering systems designed to work in harmony with our core flexible foam materials to:

  • Maintain system flexibility and
  • Minimise the risk of corrosion under insulation

Armacell can also offer the Okabell range of metallic cladding where required.

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