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Ecofys & EiiF study proves rapid payback of insulation for industrial facilities
March 2013. A study commissioned by EiiF and developed by Ecofys detects a potential reduction of 50 Million metric tons of CO2 each year in the EU27
Saving potential and Climate protection

The savings potential of industrial insulation is large: around 620 PJ / CO2: 49 Mt per year. The total cost-effective savings potential amounts to about 480 PJ and 37 Mt CO2 per year for industry or more than 4% of total industry fuel consumption and emissions.

In fossil fuel-fired power generation the cost-effective potential was found to amount to 140 PJ and 12 Mt per year. The savings potential exists across all regions, sectors, equipment and operating temperatures.

To put these figures in perspective: this is equivalent to the total energy consumption of the Dutch industry (Netherlands), the energy consumption of 10 million households ore it would mean that 15 coal-fired power plants of 500MW could be switched off.

Thermal losses occur where insulation is missing, damaged or not properly maintained, but as well at an early stage, at the time of designing a new build plant and installing the insulation. By involving insulation experts early in the planning of a new build and turnaround projects thermally efficient and cost-effective insulation systems can be ensured.

Furthermore, the study shows how, over the lifespan of the insulation material (estimated 15 years) total costs of insulation plus energy can be reduced from 100% (poorly insulated equipment) down to 77% (cost-effectively insulated). Even higher savings can be achieved when considering cost reduction potential of maintenance and stand-still times due to problems caused by failing insulation.


The European Industrial Insulation Foundation (EiiF) is a European non-profit foundation registered in Switzerland. It has been set up in 2009 to promote and establish the use of industrial insulation as a widely understood and accepted means of achieving sustainability.

By cooperating closely with manufacturers, contractors, industries and institutions and sharing best practice, EiiF has established itself as a resource for industries that need to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy.


Established in 1984 with the mission of achieving “sustainable energy for everyone”, Ecofys is a leading expert in renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets as well as energy & climate policy. The unique synergy between those areas of expertise is the key to its success.

Ecofys creates smart, effective, practical and sustainable solutions for and with public and corporate clients all over the world. With offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and the US, Ecofys employs over 250 experts dedicated to solving energy and climate challenges.


As founding partner of the EiiF, Armacell contributes on a regular base with best practice advice for industrial insulation solutions. Armacell Engineered Systems is the first manufacturer of flexible insulation (FEF) to offer a one-stop solution of combined, integrated thermal-acoustic insulation systems on one hand, and tailored expert advice and support to onshore and offshore industry partners.

The insulation system, using different compositions of Armaflex and ArmaSound foams, can be used from medium to cryogenic temperatures. The system not only prevents thermal losses and CUI but also controls noise, reduces total insulation thickness and weight and effectively protects the insulation with Arma-Chek and Okabel cladding and covering materials.

For more information on this study, please find the full report here:

For more information on EiiF or Ecofys, please visit their websites here:
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